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The old person was part of the first group of businessmen when the Chinese reform[1] happened. Although his businesses weren’t doing too well the first few years, he was able to accumulate a lot of contacts. Meanwhile, Yang Lan had strong, professional proficiencies.

In the early days of their cooperation, they only helped others to obtain claims. For example, from bribing a doctor to change their disease into another disease that was covered, to extend the length of hospital stay, or to comply with the strict insurance regulations. They earned a little bit of commission for this.

This kind of business couldn’t make big money though, and so the old person looked for other business opportunities.

Then, he saw in the news that a poor man who couldn’t afford his high-priced medical expenses jumped off a building and committed suicide. At that time, he thought that this person’s death could have been worth much more. If he had bought life insurance, he could have committed suicide after the insurance took effect, and his family would have received a huge sum of money.

He developed the idea of exchanging the lives of the poor for money. This provided mutual benefits and could also benefit society.

There were so many poor people in the world. For the sake of money, they could sell their livers and kidneys, but they could only earn tens of thousands of yuan, which was pitiful. If this was replaced by insurance, they only needed to chop off a few fingers and they could earn hundreds of thousands of yuan. Furthermore, it was a legal transaction.

They began recruiting the poor and buying insurance for them. After the insurance came into effect, they let the doctor cut off their fingers or gauge an eyeball. For the poor, it didn’t matter to them if they have one less finger and one less eyeball. The huge sums that were given to them could help them get rid of poverty and get rich.

“You need to pay a price to make a fortune. They just changed their form of payment, that’s all!” The old person patiently reasoned.

Since then, the business grew bigger and bigger. In order to successfully fool the underwriter and auditor's eyes, they bribed some of the insurance company's employees. After familiarizing themselves with the business processes, they almost never failed in obtaining a claim pay-out. It wasn’t any different from doing normal business.

Without realizing, the team had already grown very big. The old person didn’t even know many of the members that had joined. The scale of their business projects grew larger and larger. After all, they had many mouths to feed!

“Haii, everything is ruined by you guys." The person shook their head and sighed.

“Don’t you regret taking people’s lives for money?" Lin Dongxue scorned.

“Take a life for money? Is this your understanding of insurance? They volunteered!"

“Those that died also volunteered?”

"Died? I haven't touched life insurance policies before. I’ve told

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