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Tao Yueyue sat in the car and the woman handed her a bottle of water. Tao Yueyue declined politely. "Thank you, aunty. I’m not thirsty."

The man asked, "What is your home address?"

Tao Yueyue gave an address. At this time, Chen shi would definitely still be at the city bureau. He had been involved in a case over the past few days.

The man found it on the GPS and said with surprise, "That place is the City’s Public Security Bureau. Are you mistaken?"

"No, my father is there to work."

"Your father is a local police officer?"

"Criminal police!"

"What about your mother?"

"Mom has already left."

The woman sighed, "Haii, what a poor child."

The man said, "This is probably due to her being the child of a criminal police officer. It calls for the bad guys in society to retaliate. It’s not easy to be an officer. Little sister, you must be extra careful in the future. If you didn’t meet us today, you would have been in danger.”

"Thank you, uncle!"

When they got to the city bureau, Chen Shi, who had received the text message, came out. Tao Yueyue rushed to him and shouted affectionately, "Dad!"

Listening to this tone, it was obvious that she was acting. Chen Shi acted accordingly and picked her up for a hug. "Why are you here? These two are..."

"Don't mention it. Your daughter was almost retaliated against by bad guys today…” The man pretended to recall the situation and portrayed himself as a hero who helped her out.

After listening, Chen Shi was a bit surprised. The man suddenly had a thought. Fuck, I forgot to mention about the compensation for the window.

According to the version of the story he described, he couldn’t bring up the window. He blew too much[1] and dug his own grave.

However, a single window didn’t matter too much. It was enough of a reward for him to have the opportunity to get to know a criminal police officer. He said with a smile, "I forgot to introduce myself. I am in the clothing business. This is my business card."

He handed a business card over with his hands. It read that he was a deputy manager of a clothing company, Xue Chengyi.

"Officer Chen, let’s enjoy a light meal together if you ever have the time." Xue Chengyi said.

Chen Shi was too embarrassed to refuse and said, "Of course, I’ll be sure to. Thank you for saving my daughter today, otherwise things would have been very serious."

"It was the right thing to do. It’s the duty of the citizens to be righteous! Then, we’ll be leaving first..."

"Okay, I won’t send you off then! Have a safe trip!" Chen Shi's eyes lingered on the woman's butt for a few seconds. The waist above the buttocks was connected with the left hand of the man wearing a wedding ring.

Chen Shi squatted down and looked at Tao Yueyue with a serious look. "Tell me what happened."

After Tao Yueyue finished explaining, Chen Shi felt that Tao Yueyue had no responsibility for this incident. On the contrary, she was very

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