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Lin Dongxue curiously asked, "What are you doing with a pillow?"

"To investigate the case. Let's go back to the forensics lab." Chen Shi stood up and went outside.

The two returned to the bureau and ate a simple meal nearby. Considering the suspicious nature of the case, Lin Dongxue immediately applied for a case to be opened. This time, Lin Qiupu still allowed Lin Dongxue to lead the task force, but the assigned staff was limited. There were only Xu Xiaodong, Little Li and Old Zhang beside her. Chen Shi could also count as a staff member.

Lin Dongxue opened a simple project meeting to debrief the members about the case.

"...The situation is like this right now. I don't know why the deceased was killed, but there is a high probability that the murderer is inside the hospital..."

Chen Shi added, "Those inside of the hospital refers to the people who stayed in the hospital that night."

Lin Dongxue felt that this was not a big case this time. They should be able to find out who the murderer is and what the motive was once they sorted out the interpersonal relationships within the hospital.

Peng Sijue came in and announced, "The autopsy is finished. The time of death is indeed around 4:00 in the morning. The deceased doesn’t have signs of sexual assault. In fact, she’s still a virgin. The direct cause of death is a blow on the lateral cranium. It should be caused by a blunt instrument. The deceased has broken a nail on her left index finger. You can go to the scene to look for it. Maybe there are traces left on it by the murderer."

Chen Shi said, "I have a pillow here. You can take a look at it using the iodine testing method."

"Is it related to the case?"

Chen Shi said with a mysterious smile, "I don't know if it’s related, but there should be surprises anyway."

Peng Sijue showed a face of defeat. "I can’t do anything about you." Then, he took the pillow handed to him by Chen Shi and they went to the lab together. Peng Sijue clamped the pillow with the clips, hung it in a sealed box, and implemented the iodine method with alcohol at the bottom.

The iodine vapor continued to spread in the box. Just like a ghost film, a face slowly appeared on the pillow. The expression was that of a painful one as well.

Lin Dongxue was surprised. "What’s this?"

Chen Shi explained, "This is a pillow used by an old man who died last night. I accidentally found that there were bleeding points in his pupils. I suspected that he was forcefully suffocated and murdered. I asked the head nurse to change the pillow. It was indeed as I thought!"

The pillow was pressed on the face of the old man and the oil on his face remained on the pillow.

Chen Shi said, "It may not be related to the case. Do you want to check it out anyway?"

"Let’s check!" Lin Dongxue confirmed. "Any killing must not be tolerated."

"It is also a coincidence that the other party is someone I happen to be acquainted with. I’ll go and fi

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