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Chapter 156: Alzheimer's Disease

The so-called "snakeskin bag" was actually a new men's bag from LV that was blue. With exception to the English logo on it, it looked almost exactly the same as a typical snakeskin bag.

Fashion was sometimes puzzling.

Chen Shi naturally remained silent, otherwise the homeless scavenger would certainly not be willing to sell it to him for a hundred yuan. Chen Shi noticed that there were several stains on the bottom of the bag, which looked like blood.

Chen Shi folded the bag and asked, "What did the dog look like? When you first laid eyes on it."

"It looked like it was strangled. It had its tongue poking out… Oh, yes, I have the dog collar here. I’ll give it to you too.”


Chen Shi and Peng Sijue prepared to leave when the scavenger suddenly said, "No, wait. I only get two hundred for providing you with clues? The police who collect clues on TV all get tens of thousands. You didn’t take the difference, did you?”

Chen Shi laughed, "You can go online to search. The police have not issued a reward order. In addition, if you happened to see the person’s face, it would probably be worth tens of thousands, but what you know is only worth two hundred.”

The scavengers slapped his thighs angrily. "If I had known, I would have looked at the face properly!”

The two men bid their farewells and Chen Shi handed the "snakeskin leather bag" to Peng Sijue. "There is blood on it, you can test it."

Peng Sijue took the bag and looked at it. "It might just be dog blood. I’ll give it a try though."

The forensics department came over and started to do "spring cleaning" in the house. All kinds of potential evidence were packaged. Chen Shi received a call and the woman on the line said, “Officer, I have leads to provide.”

"Where are you?"

"I am still at work. Can I trouble you to come over to the hotel? You can call this number when you arrive.”

Chen Shi hung up the phone and smiled at Peng Sijue. "Under the temptation of a reward, there will be brave traitors. Truly, one came up, so I have to make a trip.”

Peng Sijue nodded. "I’ll stay here to gain evidence."

Chen Shi took Tao Yueyue with him.

At the same time in the interrogation room of the City Bureau, Lin Dongxue was having a "chat" with Lu Qixing. Lu Qixing said impatiently, "Don’t play games. You cuffed me here regarding the golden pheasant, but now you’re asking me about what happened that night? What are you doing?"

"On the evening of February 2nd, your son was killed. You don't want to solve the case?"

"I do! I do even when I’m dreaming!"

"Please tell me then. That night, why did you have a quarrel with Lu Zhendong?"

"That incident has nothing to do with his death!" Lu Qixing was a little annoyed. "I won't tell you. My lawyer will arrive soon!" Lu Qixing looked at his sleeve again.

Lin Dongxue noticed this detail. When he spoke, he always glanced at his sleeves. The other party w

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