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"You can’t keep your mouth shut!" Yang scolded the thin man. "Boss wanted to meet this new member."

Chen Shi said, "I thought it would be done at night."

The thin man said, "We usually visit the boss during the day since we go out to play at night."

"Let’s go!"

Everyone began getting off. Chen Shi acted like he was undoing his seat-belt and he quickly dialled Xu Xiaodong’s number on the phone and hid it underneath the seat.

Xu Xiaodong should understand that this is to allow the police to trace the location.

It was almost finally over, but he warned himself that he mustn’t relax at this final level.

They got to the top floor of this double-story penthouse apartment. A woman in pajamas opened the door, put her finger on her red lips, and said, "The boss is still sleeping."

There was an authoritative voice coming from the room. "Ning’er[1], I’ve woken up."

After entering the door, the thin man smiled and teased, "Sister, your body is as beautiful as ever.” He said this whilst reaching out and pinching her ass.

"You want to die?! King Kong, slap him in the face." A butler said coldly.

King Kong raised his hand which was the size of a fan and slapped the thin man’s face. The thin man began bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He pleaded, “I was just joking. Just joking.”

"You deserve it!" Yang whispered.

They went upstairs and into a spacious bedroom. Sitting on the bed was an old person dressed in silk pajamas with silver hair and a dignified attitude. The woman pressed a button on the wall and the ceiling above slowly opened, revealing the sky. After some careful observation, a layer of tempered glass was revealed.

Is this the mastermind?Chen Shi had imagined that it would be someone who wore a livery coat with a shaved head, revealing a sinister smile.

"What is your name?" asked the old person.

"Chen Shi."

"You don’t look very honest!"[2]

Yang and the thin man laughed.

"Xiao Yang, you’ve found a treasure this time."

"Thank you for your compliment, boss."

"To be in this field, the most important things are patience and caution." The old person made a gesture and the woman handed over a cigar. "Do you know why I chose this line of work?"

Chen Shi replied, "Probably because it is a blank industry[3],so you’re not afraid of competition."

"This is one aspect of it. On the other hand, I really hate insurance companies. I was gravely ill 10 years ago and I wanted to get the insurance companies to pay for my medical expenses..."

"It's starting again!" The thin man sulked.

"If you don’t like to listen to it, then get the fuck out!" Yang yelled.

"Then, I’ll go to the bathroom first."

The thin man had long since been tired of hearing this story and slipped out to escape downstairs. He took out his drug-using tools from the glove box of the car and got himself drugged up. The feeling of satisfying his urges and addiction felt really good. Suddenly,

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