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Volume 10: Secret

The follow-up work of the fraud case was the equivalent to all the hairs of a cow[1]. Lin Dongxue was tired each day when she returned home. She often didn’t even want to eat dinner.

On this day, she finished her day's work and returned to her place of residence. When she went up the stairs, she saw the landlord aunty sitting on the steps and gasping. She had a shopping bag in her hand and her other hand was on her chest.

The landlord lived downstairs from Lin Dongxue and the rent was paid through WeChat every quarter. They rarely talk to each other, but they would greet each other if they saw each other by chance.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Aunty, are you not feeling well?"

"I’m okay, I’m okay. My chest just ached a bit when I was going upstairs. I should be fine if I sit down and take a breather.”

"I’ll help you carry your bags!"

"Thank you."

Lin Dongxue helped her take the bags to the landlord aunty's unit. The house was pretty plain. It seemed that she lived alone. On the wall, there was a photo in memory of her significant other.

The landlord aunt sat down at the table and asked Lin Dongxue to prepare a bowl of brown sugar water[2]. After drinking it, she looked a little better.

"Aunty, don't you have any children?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I have a son."

"How come I’ve never seen him before? Is he working out of town?”

"I’m not afraid of you laughing at me if I told you. Actually, he’s in jail. When he was young, he was unemployed and only fooled around with a bunch of friends. One time, he helped a friend get justice. He took a knife and killed a little hooligan. After that accident, his friends kept quiet but I persuaded him to surrender himself to the police. Later, the court tried him for manslaughter and sentenced him to twenty years. This year is already the seventeenth year. He is about to celebrate the New Year, so I’ll send some dumplings to him."

When the aunty said this, she did not show much sadness. She probably accepted this matter in her heart already.

Lin Dongxue didn't know what to say. The aunt asked her, "You’ve lived upstairs from me for almost a year now, but I don’t even know what you do for a living.”

"I... I am doing sales." Lin Dongxue lied.

"Oh, why don’t you stay to eat? As a thank you for today."

"No. I still have to do something at home."

At Zhixin Middle School on the same evening, most of the students in the school had already returned home,. Only one classroom still had its lights on. Several students who participated in the “Duoyubui New Concept Composition Competition” just completed the examination paper and were checking for spelling mistakes.

The examiner looked at their watch and said, "Time is up. Put your pens down. Everyone has worked hard today. Go home and rest up early.”

Tao Yueyue took her school bag and left the classroom. There were footsteps behind her and a voice shouting from behind, "Tao Yueyue, wait

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