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Chapter 159: Supremely Invincible Braised Pork-belly

Chen Shi asked, "What was the salary like for the actors then?"

"They get paid the same amount as third-line actors[1]and we never owe wages to them. Every three or so months, there’ll be bonuses. We also organize travel trips… Boss Lu’s company isn’t famous but we never owe money!”

Hearing this, Chen Shi was a bit envious. He continued to ask, "Who is Lu Zhendong’s current girlfriend?"

"He’s single!"

“How long has it been since he last dated?”

The human resources supervisor recalled, "It seems like he just broke up with his last girlfriend in November, so almost three months."

"Thank you."

Chen Shi called in a planner. He was more familiar with the actors and was able to name them all. Chen Shi straightforwardly asked, "Who is Lu’s current girlfriend or the person he’s currently pursuing?"

"Cheng Yan."

"Is she also a female protagonist?"

"Oh, the film she participated in is still being edited. I feel that this film is very serious. It is a big production... Relative to the previous one."

"Do you have her photo?"

The planner found a photo from the computer and Xu Xiaodong said, "I feel that the people he likes to pursue all look the same. However, this girl is obviously a bit more aesthetic and a bit younger."

The planner said, "In order to chase her, Boss Lu spent a lot of money and once bought 9999 roses for her on set."

Chen Shi asked, "Why didn't this girl accept him?"

"Huh? According to the rumors, she didn’t like men. Maybe that’s just the rhetoric she went with in order to reject Boss Lu though.”

"Right, what is the new film called?"

"Supremely Invincible Braised Pork-belly."

"What is it about?"

"I didn't read the script much. You can ask the screenwriter."

Chen Shi called the master screenwriter in and asked him, "You’re the screenwriter? Is this script written by you?"

The screenwriter replied, "No. In fact, every film is written, produced, and directed by Boss Lu. He’s the real master screenwriter and we just help polish it. I know that it’s bad to talk behind a dead person’s back, but Boss Lu had big aspirations with not much ink in his belly[2]. He often thought of ideas in his head and we’d either discuss it or he’d write it down himself. The first draft was basically the same as dog shit. We always needed to smooth out the kinks to make it a bit better.”

"What does this film talk about?"

"It’s about how Chinese food became humans and then joined hands to defeat foreign fast food. The protagonist is braised pork-belly, the heroine is Yangchun noodles, and the villain is a hamburger."

"It sounds interesting. Give me a copy of the script."

"But… This copyright is still..."

"Don’t worry, we just want to solve the case and can destroy it after reading it. Ah, yes, can you also give us the unedited film?"

The screenwriter went to print a copy of the script and copied the raw

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