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Chapter 157: Father and Son Quarrel

During the talk, Old Man Lu and the lawyer had come out. Old Man Lu laughed. "Officer Song, you really bullied me. I was detained for the better part of a day because of a chicken.”

"Nobody abused you, right?"

"No, no. Everyone was very polite to me. Please don't play this game next time, Officer Song… Let’s go back to my place to have a meal. I’ll call the chef to make your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs, Officer Song.”

"I still have official business to do. I will visit you again tomorrow.”

"Be sure to solve the case earlier and get my son some peace!" Old Man Lu turned to his lawyer and said, "Go and drive my car over."

The lawyer said with a bitter smile, "I am not a driver. I am a lawyer."

"You are a lawyer?" Lu was a little shocked.

The lawyer glanced at Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue and urged, "More words mean more mistakes. Sir, let’s head back!”

Chen Shi looked at the back of Lu Qixing and rubbed his chin. "He still remembers this?"

Lin Dongxue said, "The son is dead, but he doesn’t seem that sad."

"The people on the public scene have long been practicing their poker faces no matter what they feel." Chen Shi said. "Who is still working right now in the task force?”

"Want to have a meeting?"

"What meeting? I want to treat everyone to dinner."

Lin Dongxue was very happy and said, "I’ll call them."

Chen Shi invited several members of the task force to come to a nearby famous Chaozhou[1]Beef Ball Hot Pot Restaurant. This was the place that Tao Yueyue had said she wanted to eat at a few days ago. When she ordered her food, she was particularly happy and asked for a lot of beef balls, meat rolls, vegetable platters and noodles. Chen Shi cautioned, “You better finish all of it!”

Tao Yueyue reasoned, "If I don’t order everything, how will I know what I want to eat?”

In the store's red oil[2]hot pot were beef balls the size of a baby’s fist. It was full of tendons that were nice and chewy. When they bit into the balls, there was a soupy filling inside. If it was cooked for too long, the fillings inside would explode out.

Everyone was very happy eating this meal. When they were almost done, Chen Shi said, "If I were to talk a bit about the case, it wouldn’t affect everyone’s appetite and mood, right?”

"The case is my life, just say it!" The words of the police officer Old Zhang attracted a burst of laughter.

"From the clues present in front of us, the deceased was attacked at home on the evening of February 2nd. He lost a heavenly-priced guitar and now his life assistant Sun has gone missing as well. The investigation showed that Sun Shenyou was someone that Old Man Lu originally sent to his son almost like a nanny. The company and life affairs of the victim were all handled by Sun Shenyou. She must know the value of the guitar.”

"Brother Chen means that Sun Shenyou saw the money and suddenly killed Lu Zhendong before stealing th

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