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Chapter 149: The Person who Killed my Child needs to pay Hundred-fold in Blood

Volume 11: Rich Family Affairs

Before the winter vacation arrived, the results from the final exam were released. A bunch of students crowded in front of the bulletin board at school and scrambled to check their rankings.

The school put a line above 420 points on the bulletin board. When Wei Zengmali saw that she had scored 427 points and barely passed the danger zone, she excitedly threw her hands up and cheered. She could now save her little life from the violent bombardment of lectures from all her relatives during the Chinese New Year.

She continued to search for Tao Yueyue’s name on the list. After looking for a long time, she found Tao Yueyue was ranked in the first row. She ranked twelfth in the grade, and second within her class!

Wei Zengmali was so shocked that her mouth hung open. She dashed back to the classroom. Tao Yueyue was sitting in her seat reading a novel. Wei Zengmali said very animatedly, “Tao Yueyue, Tao Yueyue! Do you know how you ranked in the test? You’re twelfth in the grade, and second in the class!”

“It’s not that surprising. The teacher has already told me.”

“Did you cheat? You only just transferred to our school a few months ago.”

Tao Yueyue laughed. “The exam is very simple!”

“Simple? What’s with your brain?! Shout me some food, shout me some food!”

“Okay, I’ll treat you to some Mala Soup.”

At this time, a bunch of girls came in. Wei Zengmali recognized the class rep, Li Wei. She was still sitting firmly as the first place of the class.

Like a moon surrounded by stars, Li Wei walked straight through a group of girls who crowded around her. Li Wei excelled in both looks and academics and was the focus of everyone’s attention no matter where she went, as if she glowed with dazzling light. Wei Zengmali rushed to let her walk past.

Tao Yueyue had always wanted to come out on top as soon as she developed consciousness. She looked up from her novel and saw Li Wei stop in front of herself. Li Wei said with a smile, “Tao Yueyue, I really underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to come in second place the first time you took the exam.”

“It's still not as good as you,” Tao Yueyue responded nonchalantly.

“Haha, are you free? I want to invite you to go to a KTV.”

Tao Yueyue closed her book. “Sorry, I have already promised to go out and eat with ‘Miso.'“

Seeing the transfer student blatantly refuse the invitation of the class rep, the group of girls that surrounded Li Wei shouted, “You’re not giving her face?”, “Our Li Wei rarely takes the initiative to invite others out.”, “You only got second place. What about it? It’s still a hundred thousand miles away from Li Wei!”

Li Wei made a gesture and everyone stopped talking at the same time. It was obvious that she had absolute authority in the small group.

Li Wei crossed her arms and arrogantly said, “People of the same rank st

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