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Yang held the gun in both hands and pointed at Chen Shi. His brows were scrunched together tightly, though it wasn’t clear whether it was due to tension or because of his poor eyesight.

Chen Shi said, "It doesn't make sense to shoot at this moment in time. It just increases your crimes."

Yang retorted, "Even if I die, I have to pull a policeman with me!"

Chen Shi smiled disdainfully. "Do you think I’m afraid of death? I have already died once and it isn’t scary. Only when I live will I feel pain and despair!"

"You... Are you really a policeman?" The thin man was still in disbelief.


"What does that mean?"

"Don't change the subject!" Yang yelled and turned to Chen Shi. "Since you’re not afraid of death, then I’ll make you die!"

"Who are you trying to scare with a fake gun?" Chen said.

"Are you blind? This is real!"

"Then fire it. Fire it here. Why are your hands shaking? Are you afraid? You’re only working. The job you’re doing isn’t worth this.”

"Kill him!" The old person in the bedroom violently bellowed and chucked something out of the room.

Yang was hesitating and Chen Shi pointed to his chest, "Come on! Kill me with that fake gun!"

"Motherfucker, this is a real gun!" Yang roared at the same time there was a gunshot noise. The echo swayed back and forth in the living room and the glass around them shook.

The thin man was scared and felt a heat flow down his pants.

Yang’s muzzle was pointed at the ceiling, and there was a bullet hole in it. Before he lowered the gun, Chen Shi rushed over from the sofa, kicking it backward. Yang fired a second shot.

But just before the gun fired, Chen Shi’s foot had already made contact with his chest and the bullet created another hole in the ceiling.

Yang fell into the study; his neck bent at the edge of the desk and made a crisp crack. Then, his whole body lay there stiff but twitched non-stop.

When Chen Shi got up, he picked up the gun and opened the magazine to confirm the number of bullets and then left the study.

The first to bear the brunt of his rage was the thin man, whose legs were trembling. Chen Shi said, "Hands on your head while you kneel down."

The thin man did as instructed.

Chen Shi entered the bedroom and pointed the gun at the woman. The woman did as instructed as well.

Finally, the muzzle fell towards the old person. The old person frowned and bargained. "I don't have a good waist..."

"Then, raise your hand."

"I have arthritis in my shoulder."

"Then, just sit there."

"I have hemorrhoids."

"Then, I’ll kill you in one shot!"

"No, no, no..." The old man slowly raised his hands and sighed. "Young people nowadays don't know how to respect the elderly."

Because the signal was interrupted, the police officers were still searching around the community. When they heard the gunshots, they immediately rushed towards the sound. Lin Dongxue and the others slammed the door open and

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