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Chapter 147: Trap

Xue Chengyi woke up with a hangover and his head felt like it had swelled up. He washed his face and saw his wife sitting in the bathroom burning things expressionlessly.

Xue Chengyi found a shopping bag and put wet tissue paper at the bottom of it as Tang Hui poured all the ashes in it. They also put some other garbage in there to cover it up.

Although the house was warm, it seemed to be freezing.

Xue Chengyi took the lead in breaking the silence. "When this is over, let’s go through the divorce procedure."

"Why?" Tang Hui said coldly.

"Why?!" Xue Chengyi's rage welled up. "You killed my dad!"

"Is his life more expensive now?"

"I have money to treat him now, unlike in the past. We didn’t have any options back then! That’s why we did that!”

"Mr. Xue, don't forget. If my mother didn't ‘suddenly’ die back then, you would still be a no-name. If my mother can't enjoy life, then your dad doesn't deserve it either.”

"You are a vicious woman!" Xue Chengyi gritted his teeth.

"Me? Vicious? I made a lot of sacrifices at the beginning and did not report you to the authorities. Our lives are tied together! No one can leave the other behind. Otherwise, we’ll die together!”

Xue Chengyi was so angry that his lips quivered. At this moment, the doorbell downstairs rang. Xue Chengyi picked up the doorbell phone and asked stiffly, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Old Chen."

"Officer Chen!" Xue Chengyi's tone changed one hundred and eighty degrees. "Did you need me for anything?"

"I’m investigating the nurse’s case. I saw that you were quite busy yesterday so I didn’t ask anything, but I was hoping to ask you some questions today.”

"I’ll come down right away."

Xue Chengyi gave Tang Hui a look, hid the bag of garbage, quickly put on his clothes, and went downstairs. Tang Hui reminded him as he was leaving, "You have to be careful. He is a policeman so he’s going to be pretty bright. Don’t leak anything!”

"He’s investigating the case around the nurse."

"Don’t you know clearly in your heart who killed the nurse? Remember, we went out to eat supper at that time and don’t know anything."

"You’re so stupid. The police would verify that."

"Just say that the store was closed so we turned back."

Xue Chengyi went downstairs and smiled as he greeted, "Has Officer Chen had breakfast yet? Let’s eat together!"

"No need. Can I come in and sit down?”

"Since we just finished the funeral ceremony, our place is still very messy. My wife is currently cleaning things up. Let’s go eat outside.”

The two went to a breakfast stall and ordered a few simple dishes. Chen Shi asked, "It’s said that the money received from women and children is the easiest. Does Boss Xue’s clothing business make a lot of money?"

Xue Chengyi smiled and replied, "It’s not bad. We get by."

"Which year did you start up this business anyway?"

"It was started ages ago. It didn’t do too well at firs

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