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Chapter 155: Dog

The guitar appraiser had just left when the cleaner arrived. Chen Shi washed a cup and poured a cup of tea for her as he asked her to sit down. "Have you heard about how the house owner was murdered?”

"I heard that from the police in the morning when they came to find me for questioning."

"Sorry, I have to ask again. How many days do you come over every week and what do you normally do?"

“Every day. I help clean and buy things once in a while.”

"Do you have a key on you?"

"I have one but not for that room." The worker pointed to the study. "The room seemed to have some valuable things. The owner refused to let me go in. I just come over and clean every day, then leave. I usually stay for three hours. Most of the time, he’s either not here or sleeping.”

"Have you given the key to other people?"

The house cleaner got roused up and swore, "How could I do that kind of thing? I have professional ethics."

"Don't be agitated. The police have to consider all possibilities."

The cleaner said "I understand," but she still didn’t look too happy. Chen Shi continued to ask, "Have you been here recently?"

“Recently? Half a month ago, the owner said that I didn’t need to come over these days and even gave me half a month’s salary.”


"I didn't ask. He wouldn’t say even if I asked. Maybe he needed to travel. The lives of rich people are really busy.”

"Was there anything else that was abnormal?"

The worker thought for a moment before saying, "Yes. The last time I came over, the owner asked me to buy a bunch of frozen food."

Chen Shi got up and took out a few bags from the freezer and asked, "These?"

"Yes, I still have the receipt here. I’ll give it to you to look at."

Chen Shi took the small receipt and put it in his bag without looking at it. He asked, "Who does the owner surround himself with? Have you noticed?"

"I didn't pay attention. I usually come in the morning. Every time I come, he’s sleeping and we don’t really talk much.”

"A dog lives in this house, right?"

"A golden retriever. What was his name again? The Wind Devil Xiaotalang? I can't remember it. I just call it Wang Wang. I can tell that Wang Wang likes me. Maybe because it was too bored alone at home, but every time I came over, it would get very excited. It’s in my job description to take care of the dog. I would take it for a walk around the neighborhood every day… Hey, why don’t I see Wang Wang?”

"It was taken away by us." Chen Shi lied.

The worker gave a bunch of details of how to take care of the dog. Chen Shi thanked her. Before she left, Chen Shi said, "Ah yes, the frozen foods in the freezer would be wasted. Why don’t you take them?”

“Is it ok?” The worker was overjoyed.

Peng Sijue glared at Chen Shi but Chen Shi turned a blind eye to the hostility. They found a big bag to fully pack the frozen food and let the worker take it away.

After she left, Peng Sijue said,

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