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Lin Dongxue hugged Chen Shi and her voice trembled. "We’ve all been super worried the past few days!"

"I’ve been good. I’ve been very good." Chen Shi patted her but wasn’t willing to let go either. The warm embrace helped soothe the loneliness in his heart.

"Okay, okay. Stop being so clingy and get to business first!" Xu Xiaodong grumbled.

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi separated before smiling in embarrassment. She pointed to the uncle next to them who wore a nervous expression. "This is Mr. Li, the person insured in this policy. This is our undercover, who was sent to kill you."

"Hello, hello!" Mr. Li reached out and shook hands with Chen Shi. "Work is hard."

"Not at all. Not at all. Everything will be over once I kill you."

"Police officer Lin has told me everything. Haii, the wife that I’ve been married to for seven years actually wants to kill me. We were truly dreaming two dreams in the same bed[1]. Fortunately, you found this out in time and saved my life!"

"The arrangement of the gang is to get me to change the brake pads and cause you to die in an accident. If we follow along the intended path, it’s too dangerous and poses too much of a risk. Not only would we not be able to control it completely, but it would cause harm to others as well.”

"Then how do you guys plan to... ‘kill’ me?”

Lin Dongxue responded, "We’ve planned for Xu Xiaodong to put on Mr. Li's clothes, a wig, and glasses. There will be a 'car accident' on Jiefang North Road where the car will crash into concrete road-partitions... As for Xu Xiaodong, he will jump out of the car before the impact. There will be a dummy placed in the car.”

"That kind of impact won’t cause death and it won’t escape the gang’s keen eyes," Chen Shi said.

"But if we make it harder..."

From practical considerations, if they made the staged performance more difficult, Xu Xiaodong would be in danger. Chen Shi said, "Just do the way you’ve planned then since the people tailing me are focused on me. I’ll rush over afterwards to stab the dummy with a shard of broken glass from the crash. The traffic police must be dispatched to prevent them from getting close enough to see through the flawed act."

"We have liaised with the traffic police department already."

"Also, no matter how fake it is, you have to make the insurance company give the pay-out. They’ll trust me once they get the money.”

"We will go to negotiate with them."

Mr. Li exclaimed, "Also, you need to catch my wife!"

Lin Dongxue responded, "Rest assured, she will be sanctioned by the law and will be tried together with the other people who are committing insurance fraud."

Chen Shi said, "I don't get signal when I’m back at the den. I will find a way to send you guys information when I see the mastermind from behind the scenes. If I mention ‘let’s eat tomorrow’, it means the net needs to be pulled in and we can arrest them. However, if I say ‘when should we eat?’ it means that

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