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Chapter 145: At Variance but Seemingly in Harmony[1]

Xue Chengyi's little three sat at a table by the door and ate by herself without talking to others much.

Chen Shi pulled a chair over and the woman opened her mouth in surprise. “You are the officer from that day...”

“My surname is Chen, what’s your name?”

“Oh, Officer Chen, my name is Li Ping.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am a friend of Old Xue’s. His father died, so I naturally want to come here to express my condolences.”


“Haha, I knew we couldn’t escape your keen eyes. You saw us together that day. Yes, we are in that sort of relationship, but his wife knows about us and is turning a blind eye to it.”

“Do they have such an open and harmonious relationship?”

“There are all kinds of couples under the sun. I’m sorry, I have to go back. My child is still waiting at home!”

Chen Shi felt that she was someone he could talk to and stood up as well, “Let's go together, did you drive?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Then let’s take a taxi together and save some money.”

The two went outside the restaurant and Li Ping asked, “Was that your daughter that day?”

“No, actually I am only her legal guardian.”

“She seems a bit familiar. Does she attend the fifth class of the second grade?”

“Yeah, what is your child's name?”

“Li Yantong. I am a single mother.”

“Being a single mother is not easy. I want to talk to you about Xue Chengyi's family situation.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Just let me know whatever it is you know about them.”

“Huh? He isn’t involved in tax evasion or something, is he?”

“No, I am not investigating that. He’s only a little involved in a case. It is not that he’s a suspect. Police work is often like this. Everything has to be investigated.”

“Understood!” Li Ping thought for a second. “He has been married to his wife Tang Hui for 20 years. I feel that their relationship is quite different. Tang Hui has affairs with the younger generation at her work. Xue Chengyi knows about it and Tang Hui also knows about Xue Chengyi’s relationship with me. It’s almost like it’s gone semi-public, but she never talks about it.”

“A couple who appears to be in harmony when they’re at variance?”

“Yes, you summed it up very accurately. I think it may be because Tang Hui is his wife from a young age. I heard Xue Chengyi say that the two had been through obstacles before. At the beginning of their business, his family was very poor and they struggled a lot. They borrowed a large sum of money and Xue Chengyi invested the whole sum. Thankfully, his investment paid off and his business gradually got better. The business went on an uphill road. He also said that one thing happened at that time that he considered really lucky. He said that God had not blocked his financial path.”

“What was it?”

“He didn't say what it was.”

“Which year did he start his business?”

“It was around the year 01 or 02?”


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