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Chapter 158: Zhendong Film Company

After saying all that, Chen Shi took a mouthful of food and poured himself a glass of iced lemonade. The dinner table was quiet.

Old Zhang took the lead in breaking the silence. "Brother Chen’s reasoning... I think it is almost a fact. I can't think of any flaws in his argument."

Chen Shi smiled. "Old Zhang, don’t shorten my blessings. Please call me Little[1]Chen."

Lin Dongxue asked, "Is this related to the murder case?"

"Jia Xingyun's father and son killed him because they didn’t get the money? Old Man Lu killed his son because things went awry? It’s impossible! However, this incident happened almost at the same time as the murder case. Old Man Lu’s concealment would definitely hide some important clues regarding the case, so we will have to go talk to him tomorrow! Ah, yes, I thought of something. The security in the victim’s residential community said that there were hackers that got rid of the surveillance footage. I suspect that Old Man Lu did it. Dongxue, you have to check who he has been in contact with recently. In short, in the face of the murder case, all parties can’t reserve secrets!"

"Brother Chen is right!" Everyone nodded. They seemed to have long forgotten that Chen Shi was just a driver. Now, everyone believed him just like they would trust a senior police detective.

Chen Shi looked at the pot and questioned, "Would you guys like to order more food?"

"No, no thank you. We should go home to sleep and continue to investigate the case tomorrow."

"Thank you for your efforts!"

Tao Yueyue asked, "Are we going to investigate the case again tomorrow?"

Chen Shi responded, "If you don’t want to come with me, you can stay at home and sleep.”

"No, I want to come, but I want to be with Sister Lin."

"Then, go tell her about it yourself!"

Early the next morning, Chen Shi took Tao Yueyue to the city bureau and looked exhausted. Lin Dongxue was still in the same spirit as usual. She smiled and asked, "What happened? Didn't sleep well?"

Chen Shi rubbed his temples. "I’m a freelancer. I really can't adapt to your life of nine to five!"

Tao Yueyue raised her hands and chimed in, "I need to report that Uncle Chen had been drinking last night."

"You are a little traitor!" Chen Shi smiled. "Right, this little devil wants to be with you, can she?"

Lin Dongxue smiled, "Yes, Yueyue, don’t wander too far today.”

"I won’t!" Tao Yueyue made a silly face.

Chen Shi said, "Xu Xiaodong and I will go to the film company to have a look."

Lin Dongxue queried, "Do you suspect that there is a lead there? Or are you worried about Xu Xiaodong?"

"No, the company is a blind spot. The company's people and Lu Zhendong's circle of friends have not overlapped at all. I want to know more about it. It’s better I go and take a look with my own eyes.”

After eating a simple breakfast, Chen Shi and Xu Xiaodong rushed to the Zhendong Film Company. They t

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