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Chen Shi asked, "Is he going to die?"

When everyone heard the word "die", everyone frowned nervously. This was a question they wanted to ask but dared not to.

The doctor said, "Before we figure out the poison in him, we can’t make a conclusion. However, his breathing is still stable, so it shouldn’t be too big a problem.”

A nurse came in and held a tray in their hand. The doctor said, "We need to first inject him with a detoxification serum and wait for the blood tests to come out before we discuss a detailed treatment."

The doctor loaded the syringe and rolled up Peng Sijue’s sleeves. As the doctor was about to inject him, Peng Sijue suddenly grabbed the doctor’s hand as if he was a fake corpse[1]and said with difficulty, "Don't… detoxify!"

"Captain, are you awake?" everyone excitedly exclaimed.

Peng Sijue’s eyeballs kept moving, as if he was struggling to get rid of a nightmare. Under the anxious gazes of everyone, he finally opened his eyes and continued with difficulty, “I did it myself.”

"What?" Chen Shi asked.

"Isoflurane... Wanted to test... Concentration..."

"What do you mean?" everyone queried.

Chen Shi straightened up and said, "I understand now. He inhaled isoflurane and used himself as a guinea pig to judge the concentration of the drug left in the blood the next day."

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she teared up, "Why didn’t you inform me first?"

Peng Sijue's tongue slowly recovered. He said slowly, "You wouldn’t have allowed it. Only this method can be used to find out whether the deceased inhaled additional anesthetic."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after knowing of the false alarm. The doctor said, “Since it’s isoflurane, then there shouldn’t be negative side-effects. That was just a normal reaction to the drug.”

Peng Sijue lay there for the night. Lin Dongxue left two police officers to guard him. On the way home, Lin Dongxue didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. At the same time, she was also touched. In order to solve the case, Peng Sijue actually committed to his research to that extent.

In the case meeting the morning after, Lin Dongxue mentioned this incident and everyone was astounded. They cast surprised but admiring gazes at the recently recovered Peng Sijue. He looked indifferent even though he was the object of everyone’s attention.

Then, Lin Dongxue talked about the robbery at 9:00pm on December 10thover at Xinglian Road. The officers who visited the little gang’s members yesterday said, "The kids’ responses were all the same. The recollection of events and the route they took were exactly the same.”

"Yeah, it has been so long. I am afraid that there’s no evidence left."

"In fact, there is no need for evidence," Chen Shi said. "These kids all have poor character. We should isolate them from each other and interrogate them. I think we can incriminate them within a day.”

This was a sly idea that came close to crossing into the darkness.

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