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That piece of pudding cake was decorated very beautifully and the price tag indicated that it cost about 40 yuan per box.

Chen Shi said, "This doesn’t prove that it was bought that day. Look at the popsicles in the freezer below."

He opened the freezer and looked at them. These popsicles had long since expired. It was thrown in there from the summer of last year. This couldn’t be used as evidence either.

Peng Sijue said, "You are just as stubborn as Old Lin, but you’re just luckier."

"I'm not only lucky, but my instincts have always been accurate." Chen Shi closed the freezer door and picked up the cake again. "It hasn’t rotted yet. How can we judge when it was bought?”

“Buy a few more and then do a controlled observational experiment.”

"Let's go. There is a commercial street nearby; maybe it was bought there."

"Just leave the cake here for now. I didn’t bring the ice box, so I’ll have to pick it up later.”

As the two left, the construction site opposite them was really noisy. They had to speak very loudly to hear what each other were saying. Peng Sijue frowned. "It’s so noisy. Why doesn’t anyone report this?"

"This was formerly a dormitory for the workers of a textile factory. This place has been rented out for 800 yuan a month out to people who need to work close by during the mornings, so they miss the noise the construction site creates."

After getting downstairs, the two walked towards the commercial street. Chen Shi suddenly noticed that a little boy with tattered clothes was following them. He thought that he might be a child of a nearby homeless person, so he wasn’t too concerned.

There was a cake shop close by on one of the streets. The two went in and found the same kind of cake. The store attendant came over with a smile and introduced the cakes to them. Chen Shi picked up the cake, looked at the label and said, "Is this cake only good for two days? ”

"Yes, this pudding cake is absolutely fresh. If it can't be sold within two days, we will dispose of them."

“Have you seen this girl who bought this kind of cake?” Chen Shi showed a photo of Kong Tingting on his phone. “We are the police and are investigating a case concerning this girl.”

The attendant shook her head. "I don’t have any impression of her. Why don't you ask our store manager?"

The store manager didn’t remember seeing Kong Tingting either. The two bought a bunch of cakes from the store. When they looked up, they saw a surveillance camera across the street. It was installed in a bar, but the bar was not open yet.

At this time, the boy with the tattered clothes stood across the street and stared at the two men while sucking on his fingers.

Chen Shi smiled and waved, "Come here."

The little boy came over and Chen Shi asked, "Why are you following us? Do you want to eat some cake?"

The little boy nodded.

Chen Shi took out a piece of cake for him. The little boy thanked him, then opened the package

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