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After not sleeping for a whole night, Chen Shi rested his eyes a bit in the car. When the car stopped, he immediately woke up and asked, "Are we there?"

"We haven't arrived yet. We’re just taking you to buy some clothes." The thin man said.

"Buy clothes?"

"Look at your clothes! You look like someone from the countryside with a little bit of a city feel. We’ll take you to pick out new outfits. King Kong, you need to look after the car!"

"My name is King Kong!!"

The two went to a chain clothing store in the city. As they were trying on clothes, the thin man said, "Brother Yang is like this. He has to investigate newcomers. Don’t take it to heart.”

"I did originally. But after last night, I hope he’ll shut me away for another seven days.”

"Haha, you are so funny! To be honest, I’m really happy you joined. I finally have someone to talk to.”

"Huh? This gang only has four people?”

"No, there are still many people."

"Lil’ Bro, what tasks will Brother Yang give me today? Can you disclose the questions in advance?"

The thin man replied with a low voice, "The first task is usually getting you to beat someone up!"

“Beat someone?"

"There’ll be someone who’ll monitor you. You have to keep beating them without holding back… But, you shouldn’t have a problem with that Uncle, since you’ve beat up countless people.”

"Besides being afraid of killing someone, I don’t really worry about anything else.”

"Can't kill, don't kill directly... We sell insurance. We’re not triads, remember?"

"Understood! What about after that test?"

"They’ll get you to kill people. Of course, it’s not like you guys who hacked at people directly with a knife. You have to be clever.”

"Be more specific!"

"Brother Yang currently has a list in his hand. The insured person is going to die in a car accident. I’m guessing he will let you do this. If the beneficiary can't get the five million insurance pay-out, you’re out."

"The meaning of ‘out’ is...?"

"To make you get lost! I’m telling you now, Brother Yang might continue to imprison you if you fail because he’s afraid you’ll blurt out everything to others."

As soon as he thought of the seven-day imprisonment, Chen Shi felt a lingering fear come across him. The thin man said, "Once you’re done, we’ll take you to see the boss."

"Brother Yang is not the boss?"

"He’s just the middle guy. The boss is... You’ll know when you see them!"

Chen Shi nodded. "Thank you for telling me."

"No worries. I still hope that you can stay, so that I can have someone to talk to in the future.”

"Then…What skill is needed to create a car accident?"

"There is no skill. You just cut the brake line. You have to cut it a certain way though. I can teach you later on."

Chen Shi patted him. "I’ll treat you to a meal once everything is over.”

"That’s not enough, right?” The thin man raised his voice.

"Okay, okay. When I earn the first bit of money, I’ll

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