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Chen Shi said, “Half a month ago, Kong Tingting got drunk at a nightclub because she just got dumped. She was so smashed that she was like sludge on the floor. You took her back to a motel and had an intimate relationship with her there. For whatever reason, you left her a note that lied about giving her AIDs as well as a funeral shroud. From then on, Kong Tingting used all means possible to retaliate against society. At three in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, you went to find and murder her. Before she completely died, you raped her.”

Han Le was so flustered that his whole face was breaking out in cold sweat. “You’re speaking nonsense! The incident clearly happened at night and I have an alibi for that… What does three in the afternoon have anything to do with me?”

Chen Shi responded, “This trickery you used was learned through one of the novels you read, right? You even carefully wiped off the dust on the electric box. However, you forgot about the freezer. When the power was cut, the items in the freezer melted and lost their form. Besides that, there’s also an eyewitness.”

Lin Dongxue added, “According to Karl’s Exchange Principle, the criminal will leave material evidence at a crime scene, but they will also take things away in the process. We’ve already found residue of the items you tried to burn at your house and are currently in the process of testing them.”

Chen Shi whispered to correct her, “It’s Locard’s Exchange Principle.”[1] Lin Dongxue, who had failed in showing off, laughed a little like an idiot.

Han Le suddenly raised his voice. “That’s impossible! Burning is the best method to get rid of DNA on items.”

“Did they say that in the book? If you blindly believe a book, you might as well just figure it out yourself. When they say it’s the best method, they mean full incineration. Are you still not going to confess? Your struggles are pointless at this point. We have sufficient evidence to hand you over to the courts now. If you’re honest now, at least you can get it off your chest earlier.”

Han Le, who was still drenched in his own sweat, kept gulping down saliva as he panicked.

Chen Shi continued, “If you put a secret of that caliber in your heart and lie to the whole world, the pressure and anxiety must be terrible to bear, right? Just let it out. You’ll feel a bit better. We’re not going to laugh at you.”

Han Le’s mouth kept opening and shutting as he hesitated whether he should talk or not. His hesitation finally disappeared from his face. “I left the note and a funeral shroud for her.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I… I was in love with her for ten years. TEN years! I was already trying to pursue her in university. I would take walks with her, treat her to meals, drop everything and be the first one to comfort her when she was down, console her, give her advice, but she never liked me back. I was always the spare tire. Do you know what being a spare tire feels like?”

“When we were in

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