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Chen Shi woke the strange man up. "Wake up. What happened to Xu Xiaodong? Where is he?"

The man regained consciousness and said with difficulty, "He... was caught as an undercover cop... We were drugged..."

"Where is he?!"

"I don't know."

Lin Dongxue asked Chen Shi to send the man to the hospital. Everyone else, including Peng Sijue, went out to search for him. The location that Xu Xiaodong sent when he last contacted them was a KTV. They used it as the central point and looked around the areas surrounding it.

The police officers searched anxiously through the streets big or small. As time ticked away, Chen Shi called. "I’m coming over now."

Lin Dongxue gave Chen Shi the address, then looked up to find a man across the street taking a photo of her with his phone before fleeing.

Lin Dongxue felt that it was a bit suspicious, so she informed everyone through the radio, “Are there people secretly taking photos of you guys?”

"It seemed like someone just took a picture of me.”

"Same here."

"Me too."

Almost everyone felt like they were being spied on. Lin Dongxue felt like she stepped into a trap. She was a little scared. This was the first time she was leading the task force. If something were to happen or if a colleague were to get hurt, how would she be able to face Lin Qiupu and everyone on her team?

Someone exclaimed over the radio, "Found him! He’s at a bus station!"

In the waiting room of a bus station, passengers passed by a person sleeping on the chairs and snickered. "Is this a madman?", "Emo?", "Their style is way too strange."

Xu Xiaodong was sleeping heavily on the seat but his appearance was a bit difficult to describe.

Xu Xiaodong dreamed that he was standing on an isolated island in the sea. The noisy voices around him were transformed into the sound of surging sea tides. Someone in the sea suddenly called out his name. It seemed to be Little Li’s voice.

The dream put the external stimulus into the dream, and Little Li became a mermaid who kept calling him from the sea.

The voice grew louder and louder until he finally woke up. Little Li was shaking him as he was still trying to regain consciousness. She cried with happiness when Xu Xiaodong woke up. “How did it come to this?”

Xu Xiaodong felt some numbness in his body. He wasn’t sure if it was the side-effects of the drugs or because of his sleeping position.

He said, "I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”

"Fine? Take a look at yourself!”

Little Li took out her mobile phone and opened the front camera for him to use as a camera. Xu Xiaodong looked at himself and his eyes widened. His original handsome hair was shaved into a yin-yang head[1]. The left side of his head was bare and exposed.

All the people passing by were laughing at him and Xu Xiaodong blushed in embarrassment.

There was a crowd of footsteps that came over in succession. Those who came didn’t know what to say after seeing Xu Xiaodaon

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