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Three days later, Chen Shi was eating wontons in a dirty and messy restaurant near the bus station. The chair next to him made squeaking sounds. Two people wearing masks and sunglasses were sitting in front of him when he looked up.

"Want a bowl?" Chen Shi asked.

"No." The voice of Lin Dongxue was heard under the mask. She deliberately dressed like a man today, wrapped in a thick down jacket. Her originally beautiful figure became bloated. "Ready?"

"Everything is ready. Actually, you don't have to come and see me off. It's not an undercover task of 'three years and three years again.'[1] I will be back in two days."

"Hey!" Hearing the word "undercover", Lin Dongxue looked around nervously. "Don't talk about that."

The other person was Peng Sijue. He pushed a needle over and said, "This is a perspiration inducer. If another person forces you to take drugs, immediately inject this in your body and then drink plenty of water."

Chen Shi pushed it back. "Except for myself, I shouldn’t take anything else with me or it’ll be suspicious."

"Well, remember to drink plenty of water, urinate a lot, and whether you are addicted or not, go to the drug rehabilitation center immediately after you return."

"Rest assured. I have my own countermeasures."

"Is the phone ready?"

"Ready. I have the new sim card and I’ve remembered your numbers... Old Peng, you’re nagging quite a bit today."

"Get back early and be careful!"

Chen Shi nodded and turned to Lin Dongxue. "What about the little brat?"

"She doesn’t sleep in even on the weekends. She wakes up early in the morning to read. She’s so easy to take care of.”

"Don't always indulge her to learn. Try to urge her to play more and watch more TV. You have to tell her that the second grade is not important. She can just study at the second half of her third year. She’s so smart and serious that she’ll be isolated by her classmates.”

"I know!" Lin Dongxue wanted to laugh.

Peng Sijue was ignorant of the situation and only sighed. "Is this the new educational method nowadays?”

"No, this child is a special case... Time’s ticking, I should go."

"Take care!" Lin Dongxue and Peng Sijue said in unison.

Leaving the breakfast shop, Chen Shi crossed the road to a building materials market. This was the only reliable information that Xu Xiaodong had found in his short time as an undercover officer. Every weekend, there would be some people who needed money urgently waiting here. The insurance fraud gang would come and their secret code was "Friend, do you want to buy insurance?"

Because it was near the bus station, this was the place that lacked public security the most in the whole of Long’An City. On the road, Chen Shi saw several sneaky young people, one of whom had been staring at a woman with a bag for a while.

Although he knew that it was not appropriate to fight for justice at the present, Chen Shi couldn’t suppress his heart of justice. He wa

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