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Chen Shi found the approximate address through messaging the buyer. Fortunately, it was someone who lived in this city.

"The next day delivery of the courier company is very fast and must be stopped quickly." Chen Shi said.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue immediately got in the car and kept overtaking cars on the way. "After maintaining a perfect driving record for a few years, I’m finally ruining my reputation."

"Don’t worry, I’ll explain the situation to the traffic control department later,” Lin Dongxue reassured.

"Oh yeah, did you get your driver's license back? What about your car?"

Lin Dongxue hesitated. "The last time when I caught the thief, I messed up my car. It was very broken... In order to repair it, I would have to spend around 100,000 yuan. I can’t afford it.”

"If you want to drive, you can drive mine."

"You’re not afraid of me crashing it?"

Chen Shi thought about it and said, "Actually I am. Maybe you shouldn’t then.”

"Wow, I can’t believe you!" Lin Dongxue punched him.

Finally, they rushed into the community and met the courier downstairs. Chen Shi ran over and asked, "Hello, do you have a monitor in the car? We are the police. That monitor may have problems, so we have to stop the delivery."

The courier answered, "Damn, the tenants in block 3 took it just then."

“What unit was it?”


Chen Shi beckoned Lin Dongxue over and they ran towards block 3. The elevator wasn’t coming down, so Chen Shi grit his teeth and instructed, “I’ll run up. You wait for the elevator here.”

In one breath, he rushed to the 12th floor. Chen Shi slammed the door of the resident until a woman opened the door in shock. Chen Shi showed the cover of his consultant certificate and said, "You bought a monitor, right?"

"Yes, what’s going on?"

Chen Shi heard the voice of a father and son in the room. It seemed that they were assembling the computer. The son said, "This wire should be plugged in here."

Chen Shi muttered, "Excuse me" and pushed the door into the house and rushed to the bedroom. "Don't use that monitor! It may explode. I am a policeman. This monitor has been touched by bad people."

"What?!" The father was stunned.

The ten-year-old son said, "Is this person a scammer? How could it have something wrong with it if I just bought it?”

The father said, "Let me see your badge."

Chen Shi had to take out his cover. The father grabbed it from his hands and opened it. "The criminal investigation consultant? It’s fake, right? I have never heard of such a title."

"My companion is in the elevator. They will arrive soon, you guys should first..."

At this time, the son had turned on the power while they weren’t paying attention. The little boy thought that Chen Shi was a liar and wanted to prove that he was lying through action.

The computer began to start and the display made a suspicious ‘yong-yong’ sound. The situation was not good. Chen Shi pushed the father aw

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