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Peng Sijue and Lin Dongxue went over and found that there was indeed a rancid smell coming from the refrigerator. However, the air-conditioning inside was still functioning properly. She said, "It may be that she hadn’t touched it after buying everything. She might have thought that she had AIDS, so she had no mood to eat."

"That’s slightly far-fetched." Chen Shi opened the freezer below to find that some popsicles had also melted and were then refrozen again. The shape turned into a big clump.

"The refrigerator has been cut off for a bit. Old Peng, how long would the electricity have to be off for it to become like this?" Chen Shi asked.

"I don't know; we have to do an experiment."

"Was there a power outage last night? If there was a power outage, the time of death should be re-evaluated."

Lin Dongxue disagreed. "Surely that’s unnecessary? Didn’t Wang Shilun say that she picked up the call at 7 o'clock?”

The police officers went out to find the neighbors to gain a better understanding of the situation. The neighbors mentioned that the girl living in the house didn’t seem to be employed. It seemed like she just played games at home all day and often piled up garbage at the door.

As for last night, they did not hear anything from her at seven o'clock.

A big sister recalled that she came out and found that there was a black shadow squatting by the door of her house. She was unsure what he was rummaging for but it scared her to death. She shouted and asked who it was but the person fled and disappeared. A garbage bag that was opened and rummaged through lay on the ground.

Lin Dongxue came back and told Chen Shi about this development. Chen Shi mumbled, "Is there a stalker involved?"

The scene was temporarily cordoned off as the body and all related exhibits were brought back to the bureau. On the way downstairs, Chen Shi’s eyes were fixed on the construction site not far off from where they were. Lin Dongxue asked, “What are you looking at?”

"Wouldn’t it be really noisy when they are going about the construction?"

After asking that, Chen Shi went to the construction site and questioned the tradespeople. They said that they had a normal construction day yesterday and had to work until 6PM.

When they got back to the bureau, it was already noon. After lunch, the CDC expert arrived. The expert apologized, "I have made a blunder. I have once again asked the two infected people whether they have had any high-risk sexual behavior recently or received any blood from others. Infected person A said that they had recently had a tattoo and the timing seems about right.”

"What about the second person? Surely the two couldn’t have gotten infected around the same time, right?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"Things are like this. In fact, the two men went to open a room together with the girl to play together. You guys understand, right? After the incident, the girl left. The effects from the Viagra that the two men

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