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Wang Shilun suddenly remembered something and said, "Ah yes, she didn’t actually pick up the phone initially. She only picked up my call after several attempts on my part. During the phone call, she said, 'Dear, I’m on the way over’ before there was a knock on the door."

Chen Shi replied, "Thank you!"

It was getting late into the day. After Chen Shi and Wang Shilun bid their goodbyes, Chen Shi took the bus back with Peng Sijue.

Peng Sijue was still struggling with a question on his mind. "Why don't you think he is lying? Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious?"

"What would you think if someone claimed to have seen a UFO?"

"Firstly, I would need to find out if that person was mentally sound and then I’d have to find out if they were lying or not."

"Yes, in the face of unsolvable things, most people implement sensible and logical countermeasures like doubting whether the other parties have told the truth or not. This is a form of common self-deception. The reason why I think Wang Shilun hasn’t lied is because firstly, he has no motive to do so. He and Kong Tingting only had a one-night stand at max. Secondly, he was in no condition to do so. At the time, he was helping us to catch Kong Tingting and stayed with us ever since he got off from work."

"But we have come to the conclusion that the murderer committed the crime at three in the afternoon. If the murderer was Wang Shilun, everything makes sense... He made the police give him his own alibi."

Chen Shi became silent.This was a very bold idea, but it seemed to make sense.

"What is your opinion on that?" Peng Sijue urged.

"I’ll hold off on my opinion for now. We should investigate and find out.”

Peng Sijue showed a gratified smile when Chen Shi surprisingly accepted his opinion without fighting back. He continued, "And..."

"And what?"

"I don't think there are UFOs in the world."

Back at the bureau, everyone was eating hot pot in the conference room, drinking cans of beer and talking about the interesting things they encountered while investigating the case. It was a rare moment of leisure for the police officers.

Upon seeing Chen Shi and Peng Sijue come in, Lin Dongxue pulled up two seats for them. "You guys are pretty lucky. Everyone bought all the vegetables and sauces for tonight."

Xu Xiaodong said, "If I knew I could have gotten free dinner, I would have come late too.”

Chen Shi picked up a fish ball[1]with his chopsticks and tasted it. He asked, "Have you guys found any new leads?"

"The victim has a close female friend. According to this friend, about half a month ago, she found the victim crying her eyes out. It turns out that the victim went to a bar to get drunk because she got dumped, but was then taken home by a stranger. When she woke up the next day, the man was already gone. There was a funeral shroud left on the bed as well as a note that read 'Congratulations on getting AIDS'!"

"So it turns out she was one

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