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After eating, the thin man took Chen Shi up an elevator. When they got to the surface, it was already quite dark, and there were fireworks scaling the skies out in the distance.

The thin man snorted. "It’s not the New Year or a special holiday. Why are they setting off fireworks?"

"Maybe someone is holding a celebration!" Chen Shi looked at the direction of the fireworks.Yes, it’s indeed the direction of Quansheng Building.

"The rich are just arrogant!" The thin man said with disdain.

When they got outside, Chen Shi saw a young couple on the opposite side of the road. There was also a pancake stall close by which had an uncle next to it, smiling as he greeted customers. These were all police officers from the bureau that Lin Dongxue had transferred over from other teams for this mission.

He felt at ease upon seeing his own comrades. So long as he shouted right now, everyone would flock in and arrest the gang.

But it wasn’t the right time. If they couldn’t catch the higher-ups and the mastermind behind it all, even if they break apart their den now, it would soon re-form. If that were the case, it would be even more difficult to do anything about them at that time.

The two got in the car and spent an hour driving over to Shihouzi Road. Chen Shi said, “I’ll go by myself.”

"I’ll wait for you to eat supper!" The thin man took out a flute[1]and prepared to relax and enjoy himself while he waited.

Chen Shi often came to this road for supper, so he was a bit worried about bumping into acquaintances. He popped his coat collar up and walked around the street holding the photo in his hand and comparing it to all the people he passed by.

A man came out of a small bar and couldn’t walk in a straight line. It seemed like he had one too many.

That's right! It's him!

Chen Shi was in a dilemma. He didn't want to hurt others, so he hesitated for a few seconds on the spot before he walked over to the man. He rounded his arm and suddenly hit the man in the face, forcing the man to spin twice upon impact.

The man immediately sobered up and instinctively was a little nervous. After looking at Chen Shi properly, he asked, “Do you sell insurance?”

"Brother Yang asked me to come."

"Please beat me up realistically or the insurance company won’t accept the claim."

It turned out that he was the beneficiary of his policy!

Chen Shi suddenly had his psychological burdens relieved and instructed, “Big Brother, lie down and hold your head with your hands. Hold your breath.”

The man smiled and pointed at Chen Shi. "A professional!"

The man did as instructed and Chen Shi said, "Let me know if you can’t stand it anymore."

The man nodded and wore an expression as if he’d already accepted his fate.

Chen Shi began to kick and punch the man. The man clenched his teeth and groaned at every impact he felt while still holding his breath. Occasionally, a witness would see them and run away in fear. Chen

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