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On January 4th, the court case regarding the murder of the uncle who played online games officially began. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi went to listen to the hearing. The evidence collected by the police was very thorough and sufficient enough for proof. After half a day of trial, the defendant Deng Zhongming was convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

During the entire trial, Deng Zhongming was in a daze as if the case wasn’t related to himself. When he was taken away by the police, he suddenly broke free from the bailiff and said a word to his defense attorney before being forcibly taken away.

Chen Shi went to the lawyer and asked, "What did he just say to you? We are the police officers involved in the case and would like to know if it is related to the case."

Lin Dongxue reprimanded in a whisper, "You don’t even bat an eye anymore when you pretend to be a police officer, huh?"

"It should have nothing to do with the case." The attorney answered, "He asked me to call Shengshi Company and ask if he could play the online game after 20 years."

"What a player!"

When they left the court, Chen Shi said, "That child, Tao Yueyue, makes everyone a bit speechless."

"What happened this time?"

Chen Shi recalled the incident last time where she retaliated against her classmates. Lin Dongxue was shocked. "No way? These methods are comparable to criminals!”

"I am really worried that after she grows up, she will use her intelligence in the wrong way… This child doesn’t like to play. She only knows how to learn and study. All the teachers in her classes praised her for her studying, as she understands things as soon as she’s taught it. It’s causing me so many headaches. I’m thinking about whether to buy her a game console or a Barbie doll so that she becomes as lazy and playful as a normal child."

"You can't just give her pocket money and not care about her."

"How can I care about her? A big man like myself getting too close to a little girl… I’m afraid that it would cause suspicion."

"That’s why I still think that she needs a mother."

"Would you like to take care of her for a few days?"

Lin Dongxue waved her hands at him. "I can't do it. I’m so busy at work. Where would I find the time?”

"What are you busy with?"

"It’s still the insurance fraud case. I have seen many cases of insurance companies’ claims in recent years. They’ve had a lot of cases of insurance fraud. I suspect that there’s a person in the shadows directing them. However, these people are the ones who benefit from the pay-outs, so they won’t say the names of their superiors even if they were in a life or death situation.”

"Who’s the middle-men selling these insurances for them to profit from?”

"A large part of the cases were sold by an agent called Yang Lan. This person has gone through multiple insurance companies during his career. His whereabouts are unknown at this moment. I don't know if thi

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