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Chen Shi said, "Although we stand on opposite sides, I have to say that it was a really high-level trick!"

“Thank you!” Han Le seemed pleased with himself. “I’m pretty sure even the authors of reasoning novels can’t think of this trick. If it wasn’t for the damn eyewitness, I’m sure you guys wouldn’t have been able to solve this case.”

"That may not necessarily be the case. Police and detectives solving a case can be considered as two separate concepts. Police thoroughly solve cases without foregoing the tiniest of details. The rate of detection is very high for cases committed by acquaintances.”

"Haii, stop adding salt to my wounds!" Han Le sighed in frustration.

There was a ‘dong-dong’ noise that sounded from outside. Lin Qiupu was reminding them not to make the atmosphere of the interrogation too relaxed. They needed to be more serious and to the point.

Chen Shi cleared his throat. "So, you left at seven o'clock? And when you left, you pulled the power switch?"

"Yes, then I came over again the next morning and turned the switch back on. The purpose of it all was to interfere with the forensic judgment of the time of death."

"Were you also the stalker that the neighbors talked about?”

"That was me, but I wasn’t stalking her. In fact, I was figuring out my plan over there and scouting out the place. I wanted to figure out what time the complex had the least amount of people and was the noisiest. I needed people not to find out even if she screamed. In the end, I chose that time.” Han Le’s calm explanation sent shivers and goosebumps all over them.

At the end of the interrogation, Lin Dongxue glanced at Chen Shi as it was time to say a closing statement.

Chen Shi said, "There’s nothing left to say. You need to pay for what you’ve done!"

"I don't think I was wrong in this situation. Everything was because of that bitch. If she wasn’t so promiscuous or if she had given me a chance, do you think this would have happened? She deserves it. I deserve this too. I shouldn’t have loved her so blindly like that... I don't understand why she still didn’t choose me and looked down on me. This sister over here, do you know the reason? Is it because I’m poor? Ugly? Not tall and mighty enough?”

"Huh...?" Lin Dongxue whispered to Chen Shi, "At this time, shouldn't you say something thought-provoking and wise?"

"Why don’t you just say what you want to say?"

"I think your aura isn’t very good." Lin Dongxue put forth.

Han Le laughed hysterically, "Aura? What the hell do you mean by aura? The seventh time I confessed, she said the same thing to me. I know it’s just an excuse."

"It’s not!" Lin Dongxue challenged with gusto. "I felt that about you from the moment I first saw you. I thought you were a bit gross. Look at your teeth. Let’s not talk about whether they are straight or not, but it seems like you aren’t serious about brushing your teeth at all. There’s lots of noticeable tartar and it’s super

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