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On Lin Dongxue’s side, everyone went to visit the people present and racing with the boy on the day of his “accident”.

These young people were all from families who were once wealthy, but had lost all their wealth. Otherwise, they were from families where the parents had divorced. Everyone formed a group to warm themselves up[1]. Basically, none of them held honest jobs. They would just aimlessly pass their days. They often raced on empty roads with the cars they built out of second-hand parts.

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi found the head of this small gang, Zhang Jinlei, the oldest boy of them all. When they found his place of residence, he had just fallen asleep. He wasn’t dressed properly and his hair was a mess when he answered the door. Lin Dongxue showed her badge to him. “We’ve come to ask a few questions.”

"Again? Why won’t the questions end? Didn’t I say so before? Little Lu died in an accident!”

"Please cooperate with the investigation."

Zhang Jinlei pouted impatiently. He scratched his neck with his long nails and the dirt on his skin fell down, causing Lin Dongxue to feel nauseated. He laughed, “I haven’t even eaten yet. If you treat me to a meal, I’ll cooperate with the investigation.”

Twenty minutes later, the three sat in a nearby Chinese restaurant. Zhang Jinlei ordered a whole table of dishes. He gobbled it down as if he hadn’t eaten in days. Lin Dongxue secretly wondered how a small body like that actually didn’t gain any weight even though he was taking in so many calories.

Chen Shi said, "It’s three o'clock in the afternoon. Does this meal count as breakfast, lunch, or dinner to you?"

"Haha, I’m eating all three of them together!"

"Can you tell us about the situation at the time in detail? Tell us where you guys were and what you guys were doing.”

"You police can be really annoying!" Zhang Jinlei grabbed a rib with his hand and ate it with gusto.

"Aiya. You’ve already finished your meal. Can you tell us now?” Lin Dongxue knocked at the table and grumbled.

"Beautiful sister, don't kick up a fuss. I’ll talk..." He said with his mouth stuffed with food. After finishing the ribs, he sucked his fingers clean before recounting, “At seven o’clock, we went to the Chinese Redbud Restaurant at Zhongqing Road to eat. We stayed there until sometime after nine o’clock and went north towards Changqing Road. At eleven o’clock, Little Lu was killed by a truck when he was at an intersection. We didn’t go anywhere after that.”

Chen Shi contradicted, "No, the accident occurred at the intersection between Changqing Road and Jinqiao Street. It’s to the south. You couldn’t have been there since it was so far away.”

"Oh shit uncle, nice one! Are you familiar with the roads?

"Don't change the subject. Where exactly did you guys go?”

"We raced cars, so obviously our routes are a bit out of the way.”

Zhang Jinlei’s explanation seemed to be reasonable, but Chen Shi still noticed a trace of

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