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Taking off the bag on his head, Chen Shi found himself in a building where all the windows were closed and the outside could not be seen.

It seemed like they were standing in the reception area of a company. There was a female employee standing at the front desk and the thin man was bent down registering at the table. The man with the big gold chain looked at everyone with contempt and everyone was too nervous to move.

"You, come with me!" The thin man picked a man who followed him into the hallway. The others stood there waiting.

Half an hour later, the man came out. He had a thick file in his hand, but his expression was very complicated. The thin man poked his head out of the corridor and pointed to Chen Shi. "You, come in!"

The long corridor was narrow and covered in multiple colors. The doors on both sides were locked. There was a woman’s laughter coming from behind a certain door. Chen Shi asked, "What is the name of this big brother?"

The thin man ignored him.

When they got to one particular door, the thin man halted and asked, "Did you bring your ID?"

"I definitely did."

"Go in!"

Pushing the door in, an office could be seen. The entrance had a rest area with a sofa, a coffee table, and a potted plant. Further in was the office area. A man wearing a suit, tie, and gold-rimmed glasses sat behind the desk and nodded at Chen Shi to sit down.

"Give me your ID."

Chen Shi took out his ID and the man in the suit searched for him in the system. Chen Shi was a bit surprised. This was a software similar to the police household registration system which could check the ID and the records with it.

The ID naturally had no problems with it. The man in the suit turned his chair around again. "Let's get to the point. How much do you want?”

"Of course, the more the better."

"I still need a number."

"I owe a lot of gambling debts. At least 10 million."[1]

The man in the suit smiled and shook his head. "Ordinary injury and disability insurance can't get this amount unless it’s life insurance. Do you have a trustworthy beneficiary?"

"Are you asking me to die? If I’m dead, what debt would I still have?"

"If you really need 10 million, I have another service here, but I don’t really recommend it. You can find people to buy life insurance and the beneficiary must be yourself. Then, we can operate.”

"Can I get 10 million?"

“It’s difficult. The amount is too high. The insurance company will underwrite it and check it, so we need to repackage your identity along with the person the policy covers. The effective period is two years.”

"I can't wait!"

"It seems that cooperation is not going to happen. Then, we can only try again next time.” The man in the suit stretched out a hand prepared to shake hands to say goodbye.

"Actually, I have another purpose."

The hand was retracted, crossed with the other hand, and placed on his lap. The man in the suit listened.

"I want

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