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The dandruff in the nail beds of the deceased matched the merchant Shao Dahai who pursued her. In fact, Shao Dahai was now in the bureau for questioning.

Upon hearing this news, Chen Shi was surprised but also a little disappointed. Peng Sijue looked at his expression and said, "Did you want the case to be more challenging?"

"Haha, the faster the case is solved, the faster I can rest. I can't wait! Where is the suspect?"

"In the interrogation room."

"Let's go see the questioning together."

"I’m not going to go. I still have work to do.”

"Let's go! The greatest pleasure for police is the moment when the truth is revealed.” Chen Shi tugged Peng Sijue with him.

In the interrogation room, a middle-aged man who was balding kept trying to defend himself. "I didn't kill anyone! How could I possibly kill someone? I do so much for charities, donate to schools, and believe in Buddha. I couldn’t possibly kill anyone. Stop trying to frame me!”

Lin Qiupu took the forensic report that was just released. "The dandruff in the nails of the deceased belongs to you. How do you explain that?!"

"That..." Shao Dahai's eyes flickered nervously.

"Say it!"

Shao Dahai was so scared that he confessed, "I was looking for her that day. You guys know I have a past with her. We were together for a while. Later, my wife found out, and then… It was an ugly scene. My wife brought her brothers along and stopped us on the streets. They pulled her hair and tried to beat her. People passing by photographed and took videos of that incident. You should still be able to find it online under ‘Long’An City Beating the Affair.’ My wife knew that I gave her financial assistance, so she was really resentful. She told me to ask for the money back. I’ve gone over to ask for the money to be returned a few times. Kong Tingting and I got into a lot of arguments over this, and then we stopped contacting each other…”

"What happened after that?"

"A few days ago, she suddenly contacted me and said that she was really lonely and wanted to open a room with me. Of course, I didn't refuse her. So, that night... She and I had a relationship... I was wondering if she couldn’t let go of our past love. An extra-marital affair requires skill. It’s a technical activity just like raising a cat or a dog. It takes a lot of money and energy to raise her. Kong Tingting was a pretty girl who I could show around and she wasn’t too educated, so what I did was virtuous, really.[1] Furthermore, my wife just found out that she had breast cancer. I’m afraid she only has a few years left. I was thinking about reviving old feelings, and marrying Kong Tingting when my wife dies.”

"So you went to find her?"

"Yeah, I talked to her and gave her a red envelope. She didn’t seem too receptive. I wondered, ‘How can a woman be so cold? Was she just looking for excitement that night?’ So I went to see her..."


"At noon on Christmas Eve. I was planning to ask

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