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It turns out that when they went above ground, they were actually somewhere in Long'an City.

It was late at night at present. Chen Shi and the two other men entered a car. The road was full of lights and colorful bright signs. The feeling of being able to see the clear skies again was amazing.

"...So, as long as you follow Brother Yang, your clothes and food would be abundant... Are you even listening to me?" The thin man nudged Chen Shi with his elbow.

"Sorry, I was watching the night scenery."

“What's so good about the night scene?”

"Try being imprisoned for seven days then!"

They got to a high-end clubhouse and the waiter led them into a private room. There were two rows of sofas and a table with lots of beer and snacks on the table. Brother Yang was wearing a red suit and sat right in the middle with a woman on each side of him wearing exposing clothes. His gold-rimmed glasses reflected the laser lights in the private room. The sofas were full of women surrounding Brother Yang as if it was a harem around a king.

The thin man fiddled with his hands and smiled. "Brother Yang really knows how to pick places. I’ve long since wanted to come here.”

"Come here!" Yang pointed to a seat on the sofa and the women in that area immediately removed themselves.

"Okay!" The thin man had a smile plastered on his face.

"I’m not talking to you!" He pointed to Chen Shi.

After Chen Shi sat down, Yang said, "These past few days..."

Chen Shi suddenly grabbed the lollies and popcorn on the table and started to eat. Then, he opened a bottle of beer and chugged it all down. He almost immediately burped. "Give me smokes! Give ‘em here!"

Yang smiled and took a cigar out from his pockets. "I like your straightforward character."

Chen Shi was holding a woman and smoking a cigar. "If Brother Yang wanted to investigate me, you should have just told me. I suffered a lot these past few days.”

"That was a test for you. It takes patience to be in this field. If you don't even have that sort of patience, then I don't think you would be suitable."

"What do you think now?"

"I like your experience very much, but you lied to me. You have no gambling debts."

"Actually, I came because I wanted to make money. When I used to mix in with the dark society, I ate nice things and wore nice clothes. Later on, the boss fell and I was left with nothing. I could only be a driver, so I wanted to come and join you guys.”

"How did you come to know about me?"

Chen Shi took a few seconds to himself and thought of one of the safest answers. "I know Ah Meng!" Ah Meng was still being detained and should not be able to prove it.

Yang smiled. "No wonder he strongly recommended you to me!"

Chen Shi was a bit puzzled.Why did Ah Meng get released? And why would he recommend me? Did I gain trust because of that little traitor?

After a moment of thinking, he came up with an answer.Lin Dongxue and the others

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