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Han Le growled, "You guys think you can take me away because of one strand of hair?"

Lin Dongxue said, "Don’t take the strand so lightly. Don’t you know that in felonies like this, hair and fingerprints are considered very important?"

Chen Shi continued, "Come with us and take it easy. We just want to understand the situation a bit better. We’re not arresting you.”

Chen Shi reached out towards Han Le, but Han Le stepped back. He turned around in feigned horror and suddenly swept the contents on a shelf to the ground as he shouted, “The police are beating me! They’re beating me!”

The three looked at each other as a group of customers and store attendants came over. Han Le’s girlfriend was amongst them. Han Le acted even more intensely and explained to this audience, “These policemen didn’t agree with what I said, so they tried to beat me up. They’re no different from rogues!”

Chen Shi responded coldly, "Where did we hit you? Show everyone your injuries."

“It’s him! He was the one who hit me!” Han Le pointed to Chen Shi.

"Please stop going on with your nonsense and leave yourself a little face. If I were to beat you, did I really need to do it right under a surveillance camera?” Chen Shi pointed to the anti-theft camera above them.

Han Le’s girlfriend interjected, “Actually, what are you guys doing here? You all come here and stop us from working. Is it because his friend is dead? If you’re suspecting my boyfriend, then bring out the evidence!”

“Right, if you guys can’t provide me with a search warrant, I will not cooperate." Han Le Li argued.

Chen Shi felt helpless in the situation and made a gesture for them to leave. Lin Dongxue opened her mouth slightly and said, "We’re letting him go?"

"It's okay, let's go!"

Upon leaving the supermarket, Xu Xiaodong exclaimed, "This bastard slandered us! What a cheap trick."

Chen Shi remarked, “After that farce, I’m suspecting him even more... Xiaodong, you stay here and monitor him closely to prevent him from running away."

“By myself?"

"Just for a while. We will go back to the station and call for back-up."

"Okay then!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue got back in their car. Lin Dongxue called Lin Qiupu and asked him to get a search warrant before hanging up. She found a book in the car which was exactly the same as the one found in Han Le’s locker yesterday.

Lin Dongxue picked it up curiously and asked, "Did you also buy this book?"

"I was wondering if this book would inspire Han Le in any way. When I went to the bookstore at night, I bought it and looked through it. It really does mention the use of room temperature to mislead forensics to judge the time of death incorrectly."

"How did the protagonist in the book solve it?"

"The dust on the electric box. In this case, the murderer wiped off the dust, but ignored the freezer. Although it was still very cold, it was still above zero degrees. So the popsicles obviously melted.”

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