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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue put down their chopsticks and wiped their mouths. Chen Shi said, "Confess!"

"Give me a bite first. I’m so hungry, my stomach feels like a volcano has erupted inside of it." Zhang Jinlei said as he drooled.

"Cut the crap. Talk first."

"Just a bite."

"I’ll count to three. If you’re not going to confess, then I won’t give you another chance. One-"

"I’ll confess! I’ll confess!"

Zhang Jinlei said that his girlfriend, Niu Mudan, was looking at an LV bag in a luxury store a month ago. She was ready to steal it, but who knew that she would get caught by the clerk and have her body forcibly searched? She felt like she lost all face and said that she had to have that LV bag and it had to be from that store.

At that time, Zhang Jinlei and Little Lu were both pursuing Niu Mudan. Or it could be said that Niu Mudan was playing around and leading the two guys on at the same time. Little Lu was a fairly cowardly person, but Zhang Jinlei admitted that he was “a little handsome” and was a bit brainier since he’d been to school before. Zhang Jinlei felt that he might lose that battle.

Therefore, when Niu Mudan made that request, the two love rivals immediately tried to satisfy her desires. In addition, Zhang Jinlei always envied Little Lu’s e-cigarette and took the opportunity to make a bet with him. If Zhang Jinlei got the bag first, Little Lu would have to hand over the e-cigarette.

Little Lu could only think of one option. He went to find his old man who was addicted to gaming. On the evening of December 10th, he went to ask for money. His father told him that there was a New Year’s event in the game, so he didn’t have enough money for a while. He told him that he’d have money after a while.

Little Lu said that he needed the money urgently, but his father chided that he didn’t even hold his own job. He said Little Lu would only be using the money to eat, drink or have fun again.

Little Lu pulled the desktop away and threw it in the water downstairs in a fit of rage. He didn’t expect his dad to chase him down and jump into the water to try and salvage the desktop instead of caring about his son’s feelings.

"It was truly wonderful!" Zhang Jinlei mocked.

Little Lu didn’t have a plan but Zhang Jinlei did. He investigated for a few days and found that it was easiest to target the head office as there were some shady entertainment places across from it. As long as he made some phone calls saying that the police were coming, they’d shut their doors immediately. This way, he’d get rid of all witnesses.

That night, Zhang Jinlei took his buddies to eat and then went to Xinglian Road. The stores actually closed their doors as expected and the street was empty.

A few people started to break the lock. They often conducted thefts like these so they didn’t feel guilty at all. If they didn’t do this, where would they get the money to go to KTVs and Internet cafes?

After entering, several

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