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At 7 o'clock in the evening, the two arrived at the nightclub. Because it was Christmas, it was decorated with a festive atmosphere. It also had a Christmas tree with lanterns on it.

When the colorful lanterns were lit, guests came in one after another and the atmosphere in the nightclub slowly began to get more passionate

A Santa Claus suddenly appeared in front of the two. He lowered his voice and asked, "Beauty, do you want a gift?"

"No, we are here because... Xu Xiaodong?!"

The Santa Claus laughed and asked, "Are you surprised?"

"Why are you dressed like this?"

"I have to investigate the case anyway. Coincidentally, the temps didn’t come to work today, so I volunteered to take on the job. Aren’t I amazing?”

"Oh, whatever… What did you find out?"

"Kong Tingting often came to this nightclub, so even the boss knows her. From what the boss said, on the 10thof this month, Kong Tingting was a little depressed and drank lots of spirits. She was inebriated, and eventually her corpse-like body was picked up by a stranger. She hasn't seen her since then."

"Her corpse was picked up?"

Chen Shi said, "It means that the girl was so drunk that she was taken by a stranger for the night. The victim is called a corpse because of how wasted they are. The men who do this are called hunters.”

Lin Dongxue twitched. “This...It’s just too unsafe. As a girl, shouldn’t she be more vigilant?”

"Good girls can't understand bad girls’ thoughts." Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue asked Xu Xiaodong, "Did the boss have any impression of the man who picked up the girl?"

"The boss said that he was tall, maybe 1.8m in height, thin and wore a white shirt, jeans, and a cap. She can’t recall what he looked like though."

"Then how can we find him?!" Lin Dongxue was worried.

"Let’s take our time to search!"

The three of them walked around in the nightclub trying to find a man who matched the description and to ask about Kong Tingting. After asking for a while, all the people they questioned said that they didn’t know the girl in the photo.

A nightclub is a place with many wolves and little meat[1]. The appearance and body of Lin Dongxue provoked men to approach her constantly. She felt bothered and annoyed by the men so she started questioning the patrons together with Chen Shi instead of going about it alone. When the three felt tired, they ordered some drinks and sat down for a while.

Lin Dongxue grumbled, "This sinful kind of place isn’t suitable for me."

“Same here!” Xu Xiaodong said, “I just want to go home and play games.”

"I come to this type of place once in a while." Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue made an expression full of contempt. "I bet you’re just like them. When you see a girl, you’ll just pounce at them, right?”

"I just come for the drinks. As for the other aspects, I usually just go with the flow."

"How many girls have you scored then?" Xu Xiaodong was hooked onto the potential go

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