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Although he knew what isoflurane was, Chen Shi asked anyway. "Captain Peng, what is isoflurane?"

"A medically used anesthetic that is inhaled. The appearance is that of a colorless liquid with a certain pungent odor. It has a stable chemical composition and is unlikely to be changed through biotransformation in the body, so it’s relatively easy to detect."

"How did you find this? Was it not an accident?"

"I pointed this out to Captain Lin and he sent people to check. The deceased had sinusitis surgery the day before the accident. The hospital used this kind of anesthetic but the dose wasn’t significant, so it couldn’t be determined that someone was deliberately targeting him. Since his mother is suspected of insurance fraud now, I can’t help but think-”

"You think that someone knew that he used this anesthetic the day before, so they used the same medicine to harm him? That way even the forensic doctor wouldn’t find out."


Someone said, "But even tigers don’t eat their young. How can his mother murder her own son for an insurance pay-out?"

Another person said, "I know the medicine! The smell is quite intense. How could the murderer make him inhale it? Even if they put it in cigarettes, the odd smell would have been noticed.”

Peng Sijue replied, "In the material evidence retrieved from the deceased, no isoflurane residue was found."

Police officer Lao Zhang said, "I participated in that case. I learned from the relatives of the deceased that the child is not actually the biological son of the couple. When his father wanted a son back then, the mother did not have the fertility to give birth to one, so they adopted him. When the boy was a child, he learned that he was not their biological son during one of his parents’ fights. Since then, his relationship with his mother hasn’t been that great. That’s why when he died unexpectedly, his mother didn’t even come to glance at him.”

"So that’s what it was. Then it seems that the fraud might have actually happened," everyone discussed.

Lin Dongxue said, "I called his mother previously. She said that she would come back to deal with the funeral in the next couple of days. It’s a good opportunity for investigation. Before that, we need to collect more evidence to prove the insurance fraud.”

Chen Shi said, "If you can prove that the source of the whole incident is due to the agent Yang, the woman will break without effort.”

But how were they going to investigate it? Everyone was suddenly lost. Xu Xiaodong raised his hand and asked, "Team leader, what kind of people commit insurance fraud?"

"Those that aren’t in a good financial situation."

"I’m not rich, but I don’t commit insurance fraud."

There was a burst of laughter from the crowd. Lin Dongxue cleared her throat. "These people usually have to injure themselves in exchange for the insurance pay-out. Some of them carry high-interest loans and some have family members who are s

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