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Volume 1: The Mysterious Driver

He was kneeling in a pool of blood, desperately trying to wake a quickly stiffening corpse when he was alerted by the sudden sound of footsteps.

He picked up the pistol from the pool of blood and pointed it at the person coming towards him, screaming, “I’ll kill you!”

No matter how many times he pressed the trigger, the rounds didn’t budge. The approaching figure mockingly spoke, "Haha, what a scene! The Great Detective Song Lang, actually killing his superior and partner with his very own hands! I can't wait to see the headlines in the newspapers tomorrow!"

Rage welled up in Song Lang’s chest, ready to erupt at a moment’s notice. He threw down his gun and rushed towards the criminal that had cornered him. Before Song Lang could even get within reaching distance, the other party suddenly pulled out an iron pipe from behind them and smashed it against Song Lang’s head. Song Lang dropped to the ground, fresh blood drenching his temples.

The mysterious person dropped the iron pipe onto the floor, the sound crisp and piercing to the ear.

"Listen up, from now on, the Great Detective Song Lang will disappear forever. If I so much as get a whiff of your trail after this, I will hunt you down and strip you of everything that you cherish once more!" The unknown figure then laughed and disappeared into the darkness...

Chen Shi jolted awake. In the rear-view mirror, he saw a face that was drenched in sweat, and he felt like his appearance resembled that of a stranger. Even though he would gladly trade his entire life to forget his past, that blood-stained, tainted night would repeatedly appear in his dreams, tormenting him.

He took out a pack of cigarettes from the glove box and shook it, only to find that the packet was already empty, so he threw it back into the glovebox with annoyance.

Damn, I’ve worked up a sweat again.Although it was the beginning of Autumn, ol’ Autumn was truly unforgiving. When the seasons are changing, if you don’t pay attention to the changes in weather, you’ll catch a cold. Us drivers are in a profession where we don’t have the freedom and luxury to stay in bed for a couple of days.

He glanced at the clock and noticed that it was already two in the morning, almost time to return home and take a hot shower before getting some sleep.

There was a beep from Chen Shi’s phone, notifying him of a new request. The passenger who ordered his services was a kilometer away.

He looked at the passenger’s desired destination and noticed that it was en-route to his house.Getting to return home while also making enough money to buy some skewers, why not?He clicked to confirm the order in a practiced manner, then started the car.

A feminine figure emerged in front of the headlights, so Chen Shi vainly ran a hand through his messy hair that was all over the place.

A pair of slender and beautiful snow-white legs elegantly stepped towards the back seat and opened

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