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Lin Dongxue went down to the underground garage out of habit, reminding her that her car was getting repairs done at the mechanics. Two weeks ago, she crashed her car while she was chasing after a suspect. She violated over a dozen traffic rules in a single breath, so all her points were deducted from her license. She also received severe disciplinary action as she disobeyed orders by acting as she did.

Annoyed by the memory, she started walking outside, when all of a sudden, a car honked at her. A police sedan slowed down and rolled up beside her. A smiling face emerged behind the window, which was being slowly rolled down, “Dongxue, I’ll give you a ride!”

“No need!” Lin Dongxue bluntly refused.

“Fighting with your older brother again?” Based on her tone and expression, the clever Xu Xiaodong accurately guessed what her situation was, “Why are you acting so unhappy? The criminal investigation unit’s captain is your brother by blood. Others can’t even hope to develop such a close relationship with the captain, no matter how much they yearn for it. If I were you, I’d be smiling, even in my dreams.”

Lin Dongxue suddenly stopped and raised her brows, yelling, “In everyone’s eyes, I am just the captain’s little sister. Nobody has ever thought of me as just Lin Dongxue. If you want to be his sister so badly, then go ahead. I wouldn’t long for this position in a million years!” With that, she hastened her pace and left the garage.

“I only casually spoke about it. What about the conversation made her so angry?” Xu Xiaodong scratched his head in confusion.

After passing a few intersections, Lin Dongxue calculated that she was not at risk of running into Xu Xiaodong again, as she had avoided his usual route when leaving the precinct. Lin Dongxue took out her phone and called for a Wang Yueche. The driver seemed to accept the order within seconds, but after waiting for five minutes, the car icon on the map still hadn’t moved. Lin Dongxue dialed the driver, “What’s going on? I’ve stood here for five minutes already!”

The driver answered unapologetically, “Sorry, beautiful; I’m in a bit of a situation here. Would you mind walking over?”

“Forget it. I’m going to call for another car!”

“No, no, I’ll give you a 20% discount, okay? Do you see a beef stew restaurant across the road?”

“I can see it. What about it?”

“There’s a little alley next to it. You’ll be able to see me once you cross the street.”

“So troublesome!”

Lin Dongxue hung up and crossed the street, and walked into the alleyway. Initially, she had thought that the “situation” the driver spoke of would be a traffic jam, but there were barely any cars around. There was an uncle on the side who was washing a car, using a hose dragged from a nearby kitchen of a restaurant.

It was a red Changan Eado [1]. Lin Dongxue verified the license plate and confirmed that this was the Wang Yueche which was meant to pick her up.

Lin Dongxue walked over and

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