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The two returned to the station and went straight to the forensics department. Chen Shi urged Peng Sijue, “Captain Peng, please help me test something.”

Peng Sijue glanced at him coldly and asked, “What?”

“Remember the blood on the weapon...”

“I have already tested it.”

“No, I am not going to test the DNA. I am going to test its blood lipid content and compare it with the deceased.”

Peng Sijue looked at Chen Shi for a moment and replied, “Why do I need to listen to you? I have a lot on my hands, and I have no time to deal with your requests.”

“Captain Lin started to investigate again?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“Well, he just came back from the scene where Big Tiger was killed and brought back some evidence. I’m very busy right now, so go away.”

Lin Dongxue pulled Chen Shi’s sleeve. “Let's go!”

“Captain Peng!” Chen Shi suddenly raised the volume. “The impression you gave people has always been a calm, objective and impartial person, but you just said the phrase 'Why do I need to listen to you?'; I think this is very opinionated. Since I am involved in solving the case, why can't I use the resources here? Unless you only do things based on whoever asks you?”

Peng Sijue suddenly stood up and stared straight at Chen Shi. “What my character and personality is like is not up for discussion by the likes of you!”

Lin Dongxue was frightened. This was the first time someone had provoked Peng Sijue ever since she became a police officer. Chen Shi is like fountain grass[1], and dares to provoke everyone.

She kept tugging Chen Shi's clothes and motioned him to go, but Chen Shi did not pay attention to her. He spoke softly, “Please do me this favour. Of course, I am not asking you without anything to offer...”

Chen Shi took out a packet of mints from his pocket and placed it on the table. “It's a little gesture.”

Peng Sijue was stunned for a while and then smiled. “Do you take me for a child?”

“I can't get more expensive things.”

“Test the blood lipids? Why do we need to test this? You must explain it to me!”

“Will you help me?”

“Depends if what you say is reasonable.”

“I think you should test it out first. Then, when you see the conclusion, I will explain it properly to you then. It will be more efficient that way.”

Peng Sijue indulged for a moment and responded, “You better not lie to me. I am very vengeful. If you lie to me, don't enter this door ever again.”

“I dare not!” Chen Shi smiled.

Peng Sijue went to the refrigerator to take a blood sample and started the test on his work bench. He opened the bag of mints sent by Chen Shi and ate it whilst testing. The laboratory was very quiet. Lin Dongxue did not dare to speak out too loudly, “The blood of the same person... What is the point of testing it?”

“Is it from the same person? Why won’t your brain open? I have given you so many hints, but you still don't understand?”

Lin Dongxue had an epiphany. “Is it that... Is

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