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The truck driver who had just hit the man said in a panic, “It’s not my fault! He rushed out by himself!”

Chen Shi reassured, “It is definitely not your fault, rest assured! You wait here for the traffic police to come over and deal with it. I will send the person to the hospital first.”

“Okay...” the driver choked, horror written all over his face, “He’s not dead, right?”

Chen Shi touched the pulse of the wanted criminal, picked him up and returned to the car while shouting, “Open the back door!” Then, he put the criminal in the back seat.

Lin Dongxue smelled the bloody iron as she looked at the bloody head of the wanted criminal and frowned.

At this time, the police unit rushed to the scene and asked, “What’s the situation?”

Chen Shi sat back in the driver's seat and told the people in the black car outside, “When he ran away, he was hit by a car. I am now sending him to the hospital. You guys handle the scene.”

“Wait, who are you?”

Lin Dongxue explained, “I am a criminal police officer. I have a team with Xu Xiaodong. We have already told our superiors.”


Chen Shi started the car and Lin Dongxue sighed, “Haii, why did it turn out like this?”

“It’s his bad luck.”

Chen Shi called Lin Qiupu. “There’s good news and bad news.”

“Don’t act all mysterious and just spit it out!” Lin Qiupu's tone was anxious.

“The man was caught, but when he ran away, he got hit by a car. Now he is unconscious and I am going to send him to the hospital.”

“Which hospital?”

“Wait a moment...” Chen Shi glanced at the GPS and replied, “The closest one is Bai Hua Hospital.”

“I will come over later!”

When Chen Shi rolled up to the hospital, Lin Qiupu also arrived with another police officer. Chen Shi took the criminal from the car and laid him on the hospital stretcher. Lin Qiupu gave his accompanying police officer an order to take fingerprints and saliva samples for the purpose of verifying identity.

Lin Qiupu was still not at ease and was ready to cuff his wrist and surgical cart together. The doctor reassured, “Police comrades, you don't need to be so careful. He will be anesthetized soon, so he can't run off. We have performed surgeries for prisoners without anything going wrong before.”

Listening to the doctor, Lin Qiupu felt relieved of his worries.

The wanted criminal was sent to the emergency room. Lin Qiupu looked at Lin Dongxue, who was sitting in the car, and at Chen Shi. He questioned, “Why are you two together? Give me a reasonable explanation!”

“Attending a concert.”

“Attending a concert? Who allowed that?!”

Chen Shi smiled. “She needs permission for this type of stuff? Captain Lin, aren’t you a bit overly controlling?”

Lin Qiupu was so angry that he exploded, “She is my sister! Why can’t I control what she does? I have repeatedly forbidden you from getting too close to her. What exactly is your motive?”

Chen Shi calmly pushed away the finger of Lin

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