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Seeing that the employees were coming out, the two quickly left. They hid in a small storage room next to the conference room for stacking products.

Lin Dongxue whispered, “Why not directly attack?”

“There is no evidence. If we keep coming to annoy them, I’m afraid that we will be rejected at the door. It will be difficult to continue the investigation at that time. In fact, we are currently illegally trespassing.”


“Don’t worry, if there is a problem, I’ll shoulder the responsibility. This is the benefit of the master civilians... Okay, no one is in the corridor, let's go to the conference room to see.”

The two snuck into the conference room where the morning meeting was just held like thieves. The structure of this floor was like that of a square-shaped donut. The office area was concentrated on the north and west sides. The south side was the main entrance of the company, and the conference room was on the left side of the entrance.

At this time, Xu Xiaodong called. Lowering his voice on the phone, he said, “Is it done? I can’t hold out on my side much longer.”

“No, try to hold out a little more!” Chen Shi urged.

“Fuck, I can’t anymore. Even my smokes are almost exhausted.”

“Then ask to watch the surveillance footage. Take the computer so as not to let the security guard see us.”

“Good idea!” Xu Xiaodong hung up the phone.

“Young man, you still have a lot to learn.” Chen Shi said to himself.

“Where did you learn this sort of stuff?” Lin Dongxue looked at him with her head cocked to the side.

“Life experience... Let's get started!”

He opened the box and inside was a lamp. After the socket was connected, the UV lamp could be used.

Lin Dongxue held the box in her hands behind her. Chen Shi surveyed in front with the lamp. When they went to a place, Chen Shi suddenly stopped and said, “Hey look at this.”

“Found blood?” Lin Dongxue said excitedly.

“No, you can see some traces on the ground. There was a table here, which seems very similar to the traces of the one-piece iron frame table and chair that the deceased was bound to!” Chen Shi stood up and looked around and found that there was a row of windows on the wall, but it was blocked. It also had a layer of paint brushed over it, “Look at this structure, it should be originally designed for a canteen. The small warehouse we just stayed in was originally the kitchen, but it was later changed into two rooms. the big one for a meeting room, the small for a warehouse.”

“How can this kind of inhumane company prepare a canteen for employees?” Lin Dongxue ridiculed.

Chen Shi pulled out a small bottle from his pocket, pulled out the soaked absorbent cotton from the inside, and dabbed it on the ground. He put the cotton wool stick under his nose and said, “There is alcohol. It seems that the company's people have eaten here. Maybe a dinner party.”

“Bloodstains! Check for bloodstains!” Lin Dongxue anxiously urged as s

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