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In the interrogation room, Kong Wende sat in the interrogation chair and hung his head. Lin Qiupu sat down with another old police officer and minute-taker. He cleared his throat and began to ask questions. “Name...”

In front of the security camera on the other side of the interrogation room’s one-way mirror, almost all the members of the task force gathered here. They were very concerned about the truth of the case. Of course, Chen Shi was also present.

After explaining the basic information, Lin Qiupu continued his line of interrogation. “Kong Wende, I don't think I have to explain why you’re sitting in this chair. Explain what you’ve done!”

Kong Wende looked up, “If I confess, will there be leniency?”

“It depends on your cooperative attitude!” Lin Qiupu countered. The other people present knew that Kong Wende had at least three lives on his hands and that the death penalty could not be avoided.

After a moment of silence, Kong Wende confessed. “I did not expect that things would become like this. This started from my misappropriation of company funds. I found a loophole in the insurance company and used it to constantly misappropriate funds. Small amounts soon began getting larger and larger. By March of this year, I had already moved close to 400,000 yuan in company funds. I originally planned to save the money to buy a house within the school zone. I didn’t expect the old man to be sick starting at the end of last year with stomach cancer. I had almost spent all of the money on a few surgeries. I hate the insurance company. When I invested in insurance, they made it sound so good, but when it came time for a claim, they kept arguing about it so that they wouldn’t have to pay up. By the time they paid, it was only enough to pay for the bed he stayed at. If they had just paid in the beginning, things wouldn’t have gone south like this!”

Lin Qiupu interrupted him. “I wanted you to explain the crime, don't give me your reasons. Talk about yourself!”

Kong Wende asked for a cigarette and took a puff before continuing. “The old man's illness had been dragged on until March of this year, and then he died. I never imagined that at this moment in time, the company supervisor found out my misappropriation of funds. They threatened to take me to court so that I would will the funds I took. I was so anxious that I couldn’t help but borrow from loan sharks! I originally thought about selling the house, but I have a bottom line in my heart. I must not sacrifice my family’s happiness.”

When he heard this sentence, Lin Qiupu slightly revealed a ridiculing smile. The man who claimed that he would never sacrifice the happiness of his family actually went and killed his own family.

“Loan sharks really shouldn’t be messed with. Interest piled on interest. Even though I used up all my credit card funds, I couldn’t even pay back just the interest. The guys would come to my house and company every two days, forcing me into a cor

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