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Early the next morning, Lin Qiupu came to the unit and went to the forensics department to take a test report. Peng Sijue stayed here all night again, and the coffee machine was brewing a fragrant Blue Mountain coffee. Peng Sijue stared at the computer screen and said without turning around, “The report is on the table.”

Although Lin Qiupu usually drank LongJing, for the past two days he had become too tired from trying to solve the case. When he smelled the coffee, he couldn’t help but pour himself a cup. Peng Sijue is such a person. He is never polite to others and does not need others to be polite with him.

The hard and bitter coffee sank down into his stomach and Lin Qiupu’s mind felt refreshed. “Thank you, OldPeng. If you didn’t think of testing the blood lipids, we wouldn’t have thought that the murderer was actually him! Oh yeah, how did you think of this?”

“It wasn’t me who thought of it, Chen Shi told me.”

“Chen Shi? Which Chen Shi?” Lin Qiupu was so shocked, the coffee cup in his hand almost slipped and broke.

“Who else is called Chen Shi? It’s the driver you don’t like!”

“Him?!” Lin Qiupu was shocked and put down the cup, his heart restless.Who the hell is this guy? How did he grab the lead ahead of the task force once again? After getting this clue yesterday, I was so proud and happy, I thought this time I would beat him.

Peng Sijue questioned indifferently, “Should I not have told you?”

Lin Qiupu laughed dryly. “I asked him to help solve the case. Why would I not want you to tell me?”

“You didn't gamble on anything this time, right?”


“That's good. This saves you from being embarrassed in front of your sister.”

If it was from anyone else, Lin Qiupu may have exploded in anger immediately, but Peng Sijue was not just anyone else. Lin Qiupu finished his coffee and picked up the report. “I’ll be leaving first.”

There is no such thing as a goodbye to Peng Sijue. He continued to look at the computer with focus on the household registration. The name was Chen Shi. The last column of this information was filled with “missing since 2016”. Peng Sijue muttered, “Who exactly are you?”

Lin Qiupu went to the conference room, and there was less than ten hours left before the time he had set the case to be resolved by. Today's case analysis meeting wouldn’t go on for long, as there wasn’t much to discuss. The case was already very clear and all forces would be mobilized to search for the Kong Wende.

In the conference room, everyone was passing around a newspaper. Lin Qiupu stood behind several female police officers. The officers didn’t notice him at first. After being discovered, those officers were stunned and immediately stood up straight. “Captain Lin, you’re here!”

“What are you looking at?”

“Um, today's Long’An Morning Post. I don't know which reporter wrote the article, but it was quite detailed.”

“What? Let me see!”

Lin Qiupu took the newspaper and skimmed thr

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