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The accountant replied in cold sweat, “Part of it was paid into our national mandatory benefit scheme.”

“Bullshit!” Chen Shi retorted mercilessly. “The above is stated very clearly. After subtracting insurance and benefit contributions, it totals to more than seven thousand.”

“No... No, it’s just that the money was late to be deducted!”

Chen Shi sneered, took out his phone and called Lin Dongxue over.

The two took the accountant to the staff office area. Chen Shi pulled drawers open to search and found two pay slips. Then they went back to the accounting office and checked. The actual salary was less than in the salary list document.

Chen Shi took a pen and roughly calculated it. Then he called Lin Dongxue over and whispered in her ear, “The extra salary is exactly the amount of an extra person's salary. The fat guy is very sly. I bet he knew that we were going to check this.”

“Sly!” Lin Dongxue straightened up and looked at the accountant. “Don’t hide it. How many people are in your company?”


“You’re lying! There’s obviously eighteen people. The payroll and employee information have been edited. You erased the disappeared person out of thin air!”

The accountant sputtered, “Officers, I don't know what you are talking about. What exactly are you investigating?”

“At the morning meeting, did you also kiss the manager?” Chen Shi suddenly asked.

The accountant broke out in a cold sweat.

Chen Shi smiled. “Oh, I just remembered... Your surname is Xiao[1]and the manager is also named Xiao. You are relatives! So, you helped him get away with it. Forget it. We’re not going to ask you any longer. We’ll just ask the others. If you let us find out about everything ourselves, your crime of obstruction of justice cannot be escaped.”

As the two got up to leave, the accountant pulled Chen Shi’s sleeve and said, “Officer, I really don’t know what you are looking for!”

“Is it really unclear in your own heart?” Chen Shi moved her hand away.

Chen Shi called a police officer to look after the accountant. The two brought another employee to the office. Chen Shi directly asked, “When did XiaoLi have her incident?”

The employee panicked and shook his head desperately. “Who is Xiao Li?!”

Chen Shi sneered. His demeanour had already exposed the fact that he was lying, but the dead duck’s beak[2] was hard. This guy was not going to admit it even if he died.

“When she was killed, did you participate in rape?”

“I don’t know what you're talking about!”

Chen Shi slammed the table so hard it shook the cactus plants that were on it. The staff member they were interrogating was so scared he contracted his neck. His forehead broke out in cold sweat. Chen Shi continued, “A human life, do you regard it as such a small thing? The police have mastered the evidence. Now, just look at your attitude and see whether you want to be a witness or add another sin to your list of sins!”

The staff m

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