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There was a big box in the room. Lin Qiupu saw it at a glance. He put on his gloves and checked its corners. He said, “Why does this box feel so familiar?”

“Do you think it matches the indentations found on the crime scene?” Chen Shi asked.

Lin Qiupu opened it. There were some clothes inside. There was a bottle of unidentified tablets, a wrench, a bundle of ropes, a pair of labour gloves, and around a thousand yuan in cash. There were also several pornographic publications.

While he checked the box, Chen Shi opened the bedside table and looked into it. There were condoms and some porn cards, which are common in little motels.

Chen Shi said, “I told you there were hidden prostitutes here!”

Lin Qiupu ignored him and went to the window to look outside and said, “Come here!”

“What happened?”

“The corpse was only found two kilometers away from here. Together with the physical evidence we found, it can basically be concluded that the headless female corpse was killed by the wanted criminal.”

Chen Shi shook his head. “I don't think so.”

“You just said that the death time is more than forty-eight hours. The time of our wanted criminal’s activities in Long'An City is almost around three or four days ago. Do you dare say that there is no connection between the two?”

“Little officer, do you know how much self-deception is in those words you constantly hang around your mouth? Yes, I admit that everything can be connected, but this type of connection is not necessarily the kind of connection that you think. I don't think Jia did this.”


Chen Shi showed him the small card in his hand. “There are prostitutes here. If Jia wanted to satisfy his desires, he just needed to spend some money. Also, why would he dump a corpse so close to his motel? Isn’t that starting a fire that would burn himself? The most important thing is, if he was to abandon the body, he could just abandon it. Why should he cut off the head of the deceased? The behavior of cutting off the head indicates that the identity of the deceased is unfavorable to the murderer. Jia is from a foreign country. They definitely wouldn’t be linked.”

“Then how do you explain the box?”

“Box?” Chen Shi smiled. “Such a large box, if he were to put a body inside, do you know how heavy it would be? Two kilometers is not far from here, but if you’re carrying dozens of kilograms, it’s not easy at all. So the murderer must have a car. Since there is a car, he would choose a location further away to dump the body.”

“You can't completely convince me with just that.”

“It’s just that you are not willing to accept it. Ah yes, quickly contact the police station in this district to check the secrets here. I am sure that the motel and the prostitutes would be linked. We just revealed our identity, the store owner will inform the other party to run and hide. We need to be quick.”

As a policeman, there was no reason to not be involved in this. Lin Q

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