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The suspect said that Big Tiger was killed. They found out today when they went back to the company. He died terribly. His head was beaten so badly that his brains oozed out.

In their line of work, they would definitely have lots of enemies, but they couldn’t exactly call the police. It is reasonable to say that they should contact the big brother of Big Tiger. However, the bunch of them thought about it and figured they’d just take all of Big Tiger’s money. Once they finished negotiation, they took away the 10 million yuan from the safe and were going to take the body of Big Tiger to bury him in the wild. Wouldn’t it just look like Big Tiger took all the money and went on the run? Even if those above were to investigate, he was already dead and couldn’t testify or anything. In this way, they could just split all the cash. Even if the body of Big Tiger was found one day, the higher-ups wouldn’t suspect them. It would naturally be blamed on people that hated Big Tiger.

They originally planned to bury the body and transfer the money to hide in a safe place. Lugging this huge sum of money around obviously wasn’t practical, so they were uncomfortable. That’s why they brought a few pistols with them just in case.

However, fate would have it that they would be stopped by the traffic police. You really can’t fight the wills of the gods. In the panic of the situation, they made a decision to fight.

After confessing, the suspect mused, “Ah, this is life. It seems that we are destined to be unable to make indirect side-fortunes. The old saying is not wrong. If your life is destined for 7 feet, you should not force for 10.

Lin Qiupu looked at him coldly and then smiled. “Story, keep making up stories!”

The suspect panicked and trembled, making the handcuffs clatter noisily. “Government, I can swear to the Gods, if there is even half a dishonest word in what I’ve said, I’ll get killed by a gun! Originally getting corrupt money in the world of darkness is a life-risking job anyway. I don’t ask for forgiveness. I only ask one thing. Do not let others know about this. Or we will be finished.”

At this time, Peng Sijue came over to their department, “Is Captain Lin inside?”

“Yes!” Lin Dongxue replied.

Peng Sijue picked up the phone outside the interrogation. The phone inside rang. Lin Qiupu picked it up. Peng Sijue reported, “Captain Lin, we have looked at the body. The cause of death is a closed intracranial injury caused by a blunt force trauma to the head. The estimated time of death is estimated to be three days ago. The fingerprints of these people were found on the clothes of the corpse, but from the distribution of the prints, it should have been left during the handling. In addition, the hands of the corpse show signs of resistance. The murderer must have some bruises on them.”

Lin Qiupu nodded and hung up the phone. He then asked the suspect, “When did your boss die?”

“I don't know. When I went to the office

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