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Volume 4: Another Family’s Child

That night, Lin Qiupu asked everyone to eat mutton at Dong Laishun as part of their case-solving celebration feast.

When Peng Sijue received the text message, he was still finishing up his work at the office. He had been so busy the past few days that he almost died. As a result, the office was a complete mess and it was unbearable for him.

He put all the trash into garbage bins and organized things by putting them back where they belonged. After all his hard work, Peng Sijue nodded to himself in satisfaction. The amount of sleep he had gotten these past two days totalled to less than ten hours, which made him look horrible and lifeless. Honestly, he had no appetite at all. He just wanted to go back home and have a good night’s rest.

Suddenly, he thought of something. Peng Sijue took out a photo from the bottom of one of his drawers. It was a photo of him and another male police officer. He was five years younger in the photo than he was now, yet his expression was exactly the same.

The other person in the photo who was smiling happily was his former colleague, Song Lang.

He rubbed the photo for a moment whilst he reminisced about the past. He suddenly stood up, walked out, took his own car and went straight to the crime scene.

At this time, it was already eight o'clock at night. The sky was completely dark and the whole building was without lights. Peng Sijue went to the floor where Kang Xing Company was located, and used a gloved hand to push away the tape the officers used to cordon off the area to get to the corridor.

He held a cotton bud in one hand and a flashlight in the other. He was searching for a certain bloodstain on the ground.

However, he couldn’t find anything no matter how hard he searched.

He pressed his finger over the area he believed the blood stains were originally and sniffed his finger to confirm that there was the smell of ammonium hydroxide. Only seasoned criminals knew that ammonium could remove blood. Of course, senior police officers would know this information too.


He stood up and walked towards the window-sill. Suddenly, he saw a car leaving the parking lot. The model was very similar to that of Chen Shi’s car.

At this time, Lin Qiupu called. He asked, “Lao Peng, why haven’t you arrived yet? We’re going to finish all the meat soon!”

“Is that driver there yet?”

“He said that he is still driving a passenger to their destination and that he will be here soon.”

“Well, I will come over now!”

Peng Sijue went downstairs and rushed to the restaurant, but didn't go in. He stood at the door and stared at everyone who went in.

Finally, Chen Shi’s smiling face greeted him. “Hm? Did you just arrive as well?”

“Where have you been?” Peng Sijue asked coldly.

“I took an order on the way here.”

“Oh really?” Peng Sijue suddenly grabbed Chen Shi's hand. Although he was someone that looked like he could be b

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