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Volume 3: Headless Female Corpse

September 27. The catastrophic family massacre was very popular in the media. This time, there was a “good-hearted citizen” in the report again. In the forum of Long'An City, netizens could not help but speculate the background of this “good-hearted citizen” who has appeared twice in succession.

Entering October, Chen Shi’s life was busy again. Every day, he ran a taxi from early morning and chatted with the passengers. He was in the midst of bliss.

On one particular day, he received a phone call from Lin Dongxue. After sending a passenger to their destination, he immediately went to the door of the station. Lin Dongxue was still dressed up freshly. She pulled the door open and sat down then closed the door heavily. Chen Shi glanced at her from the rear-view mirror. “What is it, Miss Lin? Who is provoking you?”


Chen Shi shook the cigarette out of the cigarette case and took one out. “Me? Why me?”

“Did you encourage Xu Xiaodong to invite me to the concert?”

“I need to make it clear that I did not encourage him. I only told him that when chasing after girls, he needs to be more courageous.”

Lin Dongxue was so angry that she laughed. “Is this not called encouragement?”

“If you are not interested in him, just say it to him directly. Why are you taking it out on me?”

“Oh please, he didn't confess. What would I even say to him? If I do, he’ll just say that I was thinking too much!”

“Then you promised to go to the concert?”

“No! How can I promise that? You’re not allowed to do these kinds of extra things in the future. You don't even know what type I like, but you are getting all up in my business trying to match-make?”

“Miss. Lin, what type of men do you like then? Tell me so that I can help!”

Lin Dongxue kicked at the back of the driver's seat. “Cut the crap!”

“You looked for me because of this?”

“Not entirely.” Lin Dongxue took out two tickets for Zhang Xueyou's concert and smirked. “You want to be the red-thread matchmaker[1], wanting me to owe you something? I don’t want that. I want to make you feel uncomfortable and guilty, don't you like Zhang Xueyou? I’ll invite you!”

Chen Shi raised his eyebrows. “Let me guess. Since it’s October the 1st[2], all banks have limited time promotions. Is this ticket a discount ticket from you picking at wool?”[3]

“You bastard! You don't appreciate it? Still picking and choosing here!”

“I was wrong, I was wrong!” Chen Shi immediately apologized. “Miss Lin invited me to listen to the concert. I was stunned from the flattery. To be honest, I haven’t been invited by a girl to listen to a concert even though I’m this old. What’s the catch?”

“Nothing, it is just to repay you in a different way. You made a lot of efforts in the last case. Besides, I want to go, but I don't want to be with Xu Xiaodong, so I will drag you!”



“Okay, see you there.”

Lin Dongxue threw the

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