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The two vehicles of police rushed to the hospital. After getting out of the cars, Lin Qiupu yelled at the two officers who were waiting by the hospital door. "What the hell happened? How did he escape even though you guys were keeping watch?"

Police officer A said, "We just smoked a cigarette in the corridor. It was only around 5 minutes, but by the time we got back he was gone."

Police officer B said, "The guy was long awake. He stole the nurse's ballpoint pen and opened his handcuffs using it. The hospital said that he might be in a coma for a few weeks, so we just... Took it a bit lightly."

Lin Qiupu waved their excuses off and said, "Okay, okay, now is not the time to reflect. Quickly find the person back! Everyone put your walkie talkies on the same channel. We need to split up to cover every neighborhood, parking lot, shopping mall and even every manhole cover!"

The police officers dispersed quickly. Lin Qiupu stood in the same place to act as a control centre. He constantly heard the subordinates from the radio saying, "I haven't found him here!", "I asked the surrounding residents, and they did not see anyone with a hospital gown come by."

Lin Qiupu got more and more impatient and annoyed.This wanted man has escaped twice in the past. We should have increased the number of police monitoring him.

At this time, Lin Dongxue’s voice came from the radio, "Brother, near the Rose Garden Community! Hurry up, I found him."

Lin Qiupu quickly rushed the nearby officers to head on over, and he jumped into the police car and rushed there well beyond the speed limit.

When they got to the community, they heard an announcement from inside. "Residents of the Block 4, please close your doors. There is a wanted man who has fled into the building’s corridors, everyone must be careful! If necessary, take self-defense measures!"

The sound came from Lin Dongxue. Lin Qiupu followed the sound and saw her holding a microphone in her hand. She was shouting towards a unit building.

It turned out that after she found Jia, she fired a warning shot and Jia fled into a residential building. As she feared that it would become a hostage situation, she immediately borrowed a microphone from the neighborhood committee members[1]to warn the residents of the building to be cautious.

Lin Qiupu patted Lin Dongxue’s shoulder and praised, "Good job!"

He gestured for one group of police officers to go upstairs to catch the criminal and for another group of officers to go up to the roof of the building next door to attack him from top and bottom.[2]

Jia was hurt and there wasn’t much strength left in him. Two police officers finally found him on the seventh floor. He was madly hitting the door of an apartment with his body with a woman’s screams coming from inside the door.

"Do not move!"

"Hands up!"

Under the encirclement of the pistol, Jia had to raise his hands and was handcuffed again.

Seeing that Jia was tak

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