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After screening out a few missing persons who matched the characteristics of the woman, Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong visited each residence one by one, but they did not exactly match the deceased.

After running around all day, both of them were exhausted. Lin Dongxue went home, fell on her couch and then fell fast asleep.

The next morning, the sun shone on her eyelids. She blinked and saw that the time was already 7:40am. She didn’t have time to take care of anything and rushed to the unit.

After swiping her punch-card to clock in for work, she saw Chen Shi was just walking in. He had a black bag in his hand and said with a smile across his face, “Miss Lin, didn’t have a good sleep last night?”

“Tch, you still have the gall to talk about this with me. We ran around all day. Pretty sure I’ve lost a few pounds on my legs. We didn’t even find anything.”

“Did you not brush your teeth?”

“Is there a smell?” Lin Dongxue breathed into her hand to smell.

“You usually change shirts every day. I see that the shirt on your body is still from yesterday. There’s dried rheum on the corners of your eyes, so I guessed that you didn't brush your teeth... You’ve worked hard.” He said whilst taking out a bag of Doublemint gum[1]from his bag to give to her.

“What is in your hand?” Lin Dongxue asked while chewing the gum.


The two came to the forensics department. Peng Sijue strictly forbade smoking in the workplace, but the smell in the room was still pretty bad. Seeing the faces of several technicians, you could tell that they had to pull an all-nighter here.

Lin Qiupu and Chen Shi were investigating both directions at the same time. The amount of work that fell on Peng Sijue's head was naturally huge. There were other tasks to be dealt with as well.

“You’ve worked hard, Captain Peng.” Chen Shi smiled and said.

Peng Sijue stood up, pinched the bridge of his own noseand said, “The workload is too large. We couldn’t even finish everything after a whole night here. There are only a few test results that have been completed out of the ones you’ve asked for.”

He handed in a few printed documents.

Chen Shi glanced at the documents in his hand and said, “These are enough. By the way, give me a copy of the stomach contents.”

“Xiao Wang, go and copy one of the notes of the post-mortem examination to him.”

Chen Shi put down the bag in his hand to the table and said, “These are the dozens of cigarette brands that are common in the market. I have labeled them accordingly. Can you compare them with the ashes on the deceased? It shouldn’t take too long with the samples on-hand. Please notify me when you get the results.”

“Wow, you’re really not polite, are you?!”

Chen Shi patted Peng Sijue’s shoulder and said, “Thank you, old friend.”

“Don’t try using sweet words now.”

After Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue left, Peng Sijue opened the bag. Besides the samples of ashes, there was also a hot break

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