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Lin Dongxue was surprised. “Why are you so sure? It could be just a coincidence.”

“Because I would do the same if it were me. Did you bring your gun?”

Lin Dongxue patted her jacket. “Yes…. But I need to remind you. My gun performance is mediocre.”

The two other officers came out from the ward, and asked one of the nurses, “Where is the fire?”

The nurse replied, “A storage room in the east. Nothing else in other areas. Mainly that we are worried the oxygen tanks will explode. We have already contacted the fire fighters.”

The nurses hurried away. The two officers looked at each other. Xiao Zhang suggested, “We should help with the fire!” Lao Zhang, who had been an officer for 20 years, disagreed “This is definitely a distraction made by the murderer. We cannot take even half a step out of the ward. The fire is in the east while this is the west. It won’t affect us.”

Cheni Shi instructed, “You two stay here and monitor. I will look at the staircase.”

He dragged Lin Dongxue and left. The corridor had nurses running around frantically. The two would almost bump into them. Lin Dongxue warned, “It’s currently very chaotic. Don’t run around randomly!”

“Stupid, where do you think Kong Wende would be?”

“You mean he wouldn’t be here?”

“The newspaper reported that the boy is unconscious, of course he would go to the ICU ward!”

Lin Dongxue finally understood.

While the whole hospital was in a state of panic, a figure came in, opening doors to each ICU patient and checking the appearance of each patient. After searching, he couldn’t find who he was looking for. He quietly left and tried to go to another patient’s room.

At this time, a gun pressed against his temples. He reflexively held his hands up.

“Kong Wende, you are under arrest!” Lin Dongxue shouted as she took out her handcuffs and chucked them to Chen Shi.

Chen Shi caught them and pressed Kong Wende against a wall in an experienced manner, moving to cuff his hands against his back. Kong Wende wore a hoodie that was covering his head. He impatiently asked, “Where’s my son?”

“You still know to come see your son?” Chen Shi sneered with a cold smile. “He is fine, without much injuries. He can leave the hospital tomorrow.”

“Didn’t the newspaper say…” Kong Wende turned around to face Chen Shi. He suddenly understood that this was a trap, but it was too late for regret. From the moment he did this, he knew this would be his end. The handcuff crisply clicked on. His anxious heart was finally relieved.

“Let me see him for a little bit” Kong Wende pleaded. “Once I’ve seen him, I will do whatever you ask.”

Chen Shi pointed out, “You can see him, but the way it is now, aren’t you afraid you will cause him trauma? His mental state has only just recovered a bit. Please think of him a little.”

Kong Wende’s lips trembled. He slowly squatted down and cried loudly. “I am not a good dad.”

Watching this middle-aged man bawling, Lin Dongx

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